Accordance for Mac



Accordance 10 for Mac is now available in our online store
and on the Mac App Store.

See the chart below for some important differences between the two purchasing options.


Mac App Store Accordance Store
System Requirements Intel, OS X 10.7.3 or later Intel, OS X 10.6 or later
Available Collections Starter Collection All Accordance 10 Collections
Available Discounts None Ministry* and Academic*
Updating System Mac App Store updates In-app updates
*Must be full-time. Learn more and apply for a discount.

Can I upgrade to Accordance 10 by purchasing the Mac App Store edition?

Yes, current Accordance users can upgrade to Accordance 10 by purchasing the Mac App Store edition. You will still have access to all of your previously purchased Accordance modules, as well as all of the modules in the Accordance 10 Starter Collection. However, due to sandboxing you may need to redownload your current Accordance modules if they are currently in your local HD rather than your user folder.

Can I purchase one of the new Accordance 10 collections on the Mac App Store?

Only the Starter Collection is available on the Mac App Store. However, those who purchase the Starter Collection on the Mac App Store can then purchase an upgrade to a larger collection on our online store. Those who do so will receive a $49.99 credit towards the price of the upgrade.

How do I purchase more Accordance modules for the Mac App Store edition?

You can purchase additional modules at any time from our online store and download them with Easy Install in Accordance 10.

Learn more.