Help: Easy Install and Updates

ios-down If you have Accordance 9 installed on a Mac, it is easier and faster to sync your modules between the two programs. These instructions are for those who do not have Accordance 9.

Tap the Downloads icon in the lower left corner of the Library view to reach the Downloads view.

This view will compare your installed Accordance texts and tools with the online databases.

Tap the Accordance lamp in the top right corner to go to your account on the Accordance website in Mobile Safari.

  • Easy Install uses your saved account name and password in Settings to login to your account. It reports to you any items in your account that are not fully installed in your Accordance.
  • Updates compares the versions of your installed texts and tools with those recorded online and lists any for which downloadable updates are available.

Tap the Refresh icon in the bottom left corner to update the list. Tap X to stop the refresh.

Tap on each item that you wish to install. When your selections are complete tap the Download icon in the bottom right.

(Accordance on iOS does not support the Atlas or backgrounds, the Timeline, the parallel databases, nor the syntax. Please do not select these for download even if they appear on the list.)ios-down-msg

A message reminds you that the download is in progress. Tap Cancel Easy Install to cancel the download, or just wait for the message to disappear.

When the download is complete the list refreshes to confirm that the chosen downloads no longer appear, and to allow you to select additional items.

Note: Please be patient. If you switch to another app during the download, Accordance will crash.


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