Help: New Features

Version 1.4.3, April 2012

Updated the graphics for Retina Display on the iPad.

Version 1.4.2, March 2012

Added support for the latest Accordance Bible and dictionary releases and the associated linking between them.
Improved the reliability of selecting superscripts in all text views.
Improved the reliability of editing and saving right to left text in user notes.

Version 1.4, December 2011

This major update includes improved readability, amplifying from a word to the same text or a dictionary, daily devotionals, and much more.

1. Selection in a Pane

Press and hold in a pane brings up a magnifier to enable precise selection of a word or reference. When released it opens either an Actions menu or an expanded Instant Details popover with the actions at the bottom.

2. Actions Menu

Always offers Copy and Highlight, and where appropriate offers Search and Amplify. For Key number texts, Search and Amplify then offer Word or Key Number options, whereas in tagged original texts you can search or amplify the Inflected Form, Lemma, or Root.

Search opens the current main text or tool and finds the selected word.

Amplify opens the appropriate text or tool to the selected word or entry. A two finger swipe to the right returns to the previous view. The previous module can also be selected in the Library.

3. Instant Details

Now displays black text on a Newsprint background.

For Key Number words the parsing and gloss are displayed if a tagged original text is also installed. The definition of the related Key dictionary is displayed and can be scrolled.

For tagged original texts the Syntax is shown, if installed, and the full article from the top lexicon of the same language.

Tool hyperlinks display the linked content.

The Actions menu buttons appear at the bottom.

4. Library View

Now organized hierarchically by module type with the first section for Recent Modules.

Search at top level searches all the sections.

Editing the order of modules, or removing them, is done within each section.

New Notes files are now created from the User Notes popover.

5. Devotionals

Modules with readings for each day now appear as Devotionals as well as General tools.

When opened from their section they appear in a new view with a parallel pane displaying the Bible text.

6. Main Text and Tool Views Changes

Press and hold on the Search button opens the History menu. The first item in the History is the Read mode which clears the current search results.

Wider side margins.

Parallel pane chooser uses a segmented control to select the list of modules of the desired type.

Most internal and external hyperlinks now work when a Reference tool is displayed in a parallel pane.

7. History Menu

Opens with a long tap on the Search icon in the main view, or a short tap on the History button in the Search view.

As needed shows Read, New Search, and a list of past searches in that module.

8. Verse Selection Actions Menu

Adds the Amplify button which opens the first Reference tool with an entry for that verse.

The User Note action offers the option of creating a new User Note file.

9. Grid Style Verse Chooser

Available in Settings as an alternative to the Wheel and the List.

10. Other

The contents of both Recent Modules and the History menu are saved between sessions.

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar: 3rd Edition is supported including the audio links.

iOS 5 will no longer purge modules for lack of space. However, only user content (Notes, Tools and Highlights) is backed up in iTunes or iCloud.

Version 1.3.1, August 2011

Support for Unicode Bibles in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. These can now be downloaded from the website. Syncing from the Mac requires Accordance 9.4.2.

These Bibles can be searched by verse, and displayed in parallel with other Bibles. Word searching is not yet supported.

Version 1.3, July 2011

1. Highlighting

A default Highlight file supports highlighting of verses. Highlight files can be synced from Accordance 9.4 with display of the verse and word highlights.

2. Copy verses to Clipboard

Tap and hold on a verse reference in a text to bring up an action sheet with a new option to copy the verse (in Reader mode click the arrows to extend to a range of verses). Greek and Hebrew text is converted to Unicode, and cantillation marks are removed.

3. State of Each Module

Accordance remembers the search state and the location and parallel pane for any module opened during a session. Thislets you go to another module, perform searches, and then return to an earlier module without losing the place.

4. Thumbnails

Pictures in tools appear as thumbnails within the text. Tapping the thumbnail opens the full size image. Thumbnails appear only in tools that have been updated since June 2011.

Please note that to see the picture thumbnails you must go the Display Settings and resave them (no need to make any changes).

5. User Tool Read Only

User Tools can be synced from the Mac, and downloaded by Easy Install if included with a module. Editing of User Tools is not supported.

6. Parallel Pane

The buttons and splitter bar of the parallel pane have been redesigned. Drag the splitter to the edge or tap it in the center to close the parallel pane.

Tapping the Add Pane button or the module name for an open parallel brings up a hierarchical list view of the modules in each category.

7. GoTo Options

An optional hierarchical list is available for text views. It scrolls to and highlights the current location of the text. You can drill down to verse level or tap GoTo in the top right corner to go to the top of the current list.

8. Popovers

Many list options appear as popovers on the iPad. Tap outside the list to close the view, there is no Cancel button.

9. Action Sheet with Long Tap on the Verse Reference in Text Views

Displays the verse reference
Allows Copy or Highlight of the verse
In reading mode tapping the right and left arrows adds verses before and after the current verse.
User Note button allows adding or editing from any of the notes.

10. Toolbars

Black is used for the bars instead of brown, and the bars are narrower with reorganized buttons and new icons.

11. Settings Offer More User Options for Display

Turn word and verse highlighting on or off
Choose between installed highlight files
Set the default context for search results
Two different GoTo verse choosers: wheel or list.
New options in the Accordance section of the iOS Settings to reset all highlighting, and to clear the Accordance module download cache.

12. Other

Prior and next buttons in text views (as well as tools) let you jump between GoTo locations.
Module type icons have been added to lists of modules.
The maximum number of verse references that can be displayed in the instant details view is changed from 7 to 1000.
Search options now return more easily to the main search view.

Version 1.2, April 2011

1. Sync of modules and user notes with Accordance on Mac.

2. Restore from Backup

iTunes restores the Notes and Settings of a backed up copy of Accordance, to the same or a new device. The modules must be restored by syncing or by Easy Install.

3. Additional Display Preferences for Texts and Tools

Background color and Text color
Hits and Verse References colors

4. Reader mode and Switching texts

Switch back from Search to Reader mode by tapping the Book icon on the top bar, and keep the same verse.
In Reader mode switch between modules in the same category, and keep the same verse, by tapping the text name on the top bar.

5. Other

Syntax info appears in instant details
Display of special Unicode characters in additional fonts
When looking for content to display for a scripture link in a tool, if the first text in the Library view doesn't contain the verse, searches the second text in the Library view for the verse.
Many minor improvements in performance.

Version 1.1, February 2011

More text display options for the Text and Tool search views.
Greatly improved the reliability of downloading modules via Easy Install, particularly with large modules.
Improved the display of instant details content for modules with Syriac and Uncial scripts.
Fixed the occasional double display of content in search views.
Other minor bug fixes.


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