Help: Sync with Accordance on Mac

Sync Modules from Accordance on Mac

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This feature requires Accordance 9.3 on Mac OS 10.4.9 and above, and version 1.2 of the iOS app. There is a fuller explanation of syncing in the new Accordance Help.

The syncing is performed over a WiFi network, entirely separate from syncing to iTunes.

Except for user content, the syncing is one way only: modules cannot be backed up or restored from the device to the Mac.

Warning: Accordance content is licensed for one user. It is illegal to allow other users to load your modules on their computers or mobile devices. To protect the rights of the copyright owners of the content, the following protections are in place:

  • The user of Accordance must be the Accordance admin.
  • If a device is synced to a different computer all the previous content is deleted prior to the sync, unless the user selects syncing only of user notes.

ios-sync-deviceTo sync modules from the Mac to the mobile device:

Tap the Sync button in center bottom of Library view of iOS app (the rest of the procedure is performed in the Mac app).

Select Sync with Mobile Device from the Accordance menu of the Mac app

Select the device from the list of available devices. (See Troubleshooting if you do not see your device on the network.)


A list appears with all the modules installed in Accordance, in their categories. Within each category those currently on the iOS app are checked and appear at the top. The dialog box also shows how much free space is available on the mobile device.

Check any modules you wish to add, and uncheck any you wish to remove from your device. Clicking the category will check or uncheck all modules in that category.

Click the Sync button and wait for syncing to complete.

The new modules are added to each category list, in the order they appear on the Mac. Any modules with newer versions on the Mac are updated on the iOS.

Sync of User Notes

Your notes can be synced in both directions. If they are checked in the list, Accordance automatically applies the changes made to each individual note, whether on the Mac or the mobile device, to the other set of notes. If the same note has been modified in both sets of notes, a dialog box displays both notes and allows you to select the one you want to keep.

Sync of User Tools and Highlights

User Tools and Highlights can ONLY be synced between Accordance 9.4+ and version 1.3+ of the iOS app. Until the mobile app is updated, these items may appear on the list for syncing but they are ignored.


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