Installing Version 11

November 2014

Accordance 11 (and 10) makes it a breeze to install the application and the modules.

If you have not yet purchased Accordance 10 or 11 and need to install an earlier version, see Installing version 9 and Installing Old Disks for instructions.

Easy Install

Most Accordance products are now installed by download through Easy Install in the Accordance menu once you have Accordance running.

First Time User -- Easy Install

  • On Mac download the Accordance 11 DMG and drag the Accordance icon to the Applications icon. Open the Applications folder and run Accordance.
  • On Windows download the Accordance 11 EXE and run the installer. Open the Accordance icon on the desktop.
  • Accordance will ask you to log in to your account in order to validate.
  • It will then take you to the Easy Install window where you can¬†select your modules for installation.

Previous Accordance User

On Windows Accordance cannot upgrade the installation in the BasiliskII emulator. Please remove the accpc folder and reinstall all your modules.

Accordance will only upgrade an Accordance 9 installation on Mac. Users of Accordance 9 should have no problems upgrading to 10.

If you now use version 1 through 8 of Accordance, please ask for help to upgrade to version 9 BEFORE attempting to upgrade to version 10.

Because of permissions issues often encountered with OS 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion, it is usually cleaner, easier, and faster, to simply install Accordance as above and download all your current modules. Your prior purchases and registrations should be available in your online account. Some older modules require a paid upgrade, and others can simply be installed by letting Accordance open them on the CD or other location.

If you do want to upgrade your current version:

  • First upgrade an older version to Accordance 8.
  • Download the Accordance 9 DMG and drag the Accordance icon to the Applications icon.
  • Remove any old Accordance icons from your dock.
  • Run Accordance 9 in Applications. It should tell you that it has successfully migrated your modules.
  • Download and run Accordance as above.
  • Run Easy Install in the Accordance menu to download any new or missing modules.

Notes for Lion and Above: OS 10.7 through 10.10

  • A new Easy Install with Accordance is by far the preferred method.
  • Installers prior to version 8 will not run at all (except Graphics, Anchor version 2, and Church Fathers 3).
  • Any action which involves accessing the user/Library folder manually requires you to press option as you open the Go menu and select Library. Otherwise that entire folder is invisible.
  • Upgrades of installed Accordance¬† 9 are usually smooth, but users of version 7 or 8 should contact technical support).
  • Migration of Accordance from an older Mac may run into issues of permissions on the folders and files.

Adding Old Modules

All your old modules that are still current should be available in Easy Install. If they are not there, please contact us. Some modules do require paid upgrades because of significant new content. If you cannot or will not upgrade these modules, but you do have a copy on a disk, you can install the module manually. To do this use the Open command in Accordance, navigate to the module and open it. Accordance will copy it to the correct location, attempt to validate it through your account, and ask for the unlcok code if necessary.