Mac Emulator for PC

This page offers information and downloads for PC users who wish to run Accordance with the BasiliskII Emulator.

We no longer recommend even trying the emulator, as the native Windows version was released in September, 2013. A free trial version is available.

This page will remain for a short time as support for users who have not yet upgraded to Accordance 10.

What is the Emulator?
Do all Accordance features work in the Emulator?
Where can I get the Emulator?

Q: What is the Emulator?

A: The emulation software, called BasiliskII, creates an environment on your Windows machine that in every way emulates a Macintosh computer (utilizing the Motorola 68K series processor). The Macintosh system installed is 7.5, first released in 1995.

After installation and setup, you will have a functioning Macintosh on your Windows PC. Whenever you want to run Accordance on your Windows machine, you will simply launch the Emulator as you would any other program (either from the Start menu or by double-clicking a shortcut icon on your desktop). Once the Emulator is running, you can install and run Accordance as well as any other Macintosh program (compiled for the old 68K Macintosh).

Remember, the Emulator is like any other software you run on your Windows computer. You can have the Emulator running as well as other programs. Of course, the amount of RAM you have determines how many programs can effectively be running at any given time. You can use the <Alt+Tab> key combination to cycle between the active programs. You can also transfer text and files between the two systems.

The emulator runs on older systems, WinXP, Vista, and Windows 7. The speed at which Accordance will run on the Emulator is entirely dependent upon the processing speed of your Windows PC. It is very fast on newer sytems, however even on a slower PC (e.g., 233MHz) Accordance on the Macintosh Emulator performs very well.

WARNING for Vista or Windows 7 64 bit: Although the Emulator does run well on 64 bit systems it is unable to read CD-ROMs. Downloaded files can easily be installed, as can the Primary 9.5-PC DVD and the Graphics-PC DVD which are designed specifically for the Emulator. Alternative disks or files are available for products which are distributed on CD-ROM. Please contact our technical support for assistance.

There are reviews of Accordance running on the PC emulator by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Scott Callaham.

Q: Do all Accordance features work in the Emulator?

A: Everything works fine except for:

  • The 3D Atlas window (you can still get the topographical 2D maps).
  • The clipboard copy-and-paste does not support Greek or Hebrew, but text can be saved to an RTF file for use in Word.
  • You can print only indirectly by saving and printing a PDF file.
  • Unicode Bibles are not supported.
  • The older Mac OS does not have the look and feel nor the frills of OS X.

Q: Where can I get the Emulator?

A: You can download an installer, the link is available upon request for Accordance users.

The Macintosh emulation software contained in the downloaded Emulator installer files and on the Emulator CD is BasiliskII, which is an open-source, free emulation software obtainable from the Internet ( We are not selling BasiliskII. We have packaged the emulation software together with these instructions in order to make installation easier, and to aid users of Accordance Bible Software who wish to utilize this superior software tool for biblical and related studies. A demo version of Accordance 5.3 is also included. The free downloadable installers are each about 70MB.

OakTree Software, Inc. offers free technical support for the installation of the emulator software (BasiliskII) only for use with Accordance. We cannot provide technical support for those who have obtained BasiliskII software from other sources, or who have not purchased Accordance. If you have difficulty installing the emulation software, or have any questions or corrections to the manual, please contact us.

Be sure to first download the detailed manual for the emulator with Accordance, now updated for version 9 and Windows 7.

Q: How can I transfer my saved files from the Emulator to a Mac?

A: Text, RTF, and PDF files can easily be transfered via the Windows system.

If you have saved Accordance files, you must stuff them with DropStuff, then transfer them to Windows, and then to the other computer where they can be unstuffed. A suitably old copy of DropStuff can be downloaded here.