New Features in iOS 1.5

Accordance for iOS 1.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Accordance for iOS 1.5, which adds design enhancements and new features to improve the reading experience. See below for a full breakdown of the new features.

Updated Design

A new Slate theme has been implemented throughout the texts, tools, and Instant Details views. We've also reorganized the toolbar buttons based on user feedback.

Slate Theme 1.5


A single tap on the screen will remove the top, bottom, and middle toolbars. In this space, you will find a header displaying the module name and current location.

Full Screen 1.5


Night Mode

Night mode can be quickly toggled on and off from the Display Settings button in the toolbar.

Night Mode 1.5


Display Settings

Customize the display settings of a particular text or tool right from the toolbar.

Display Settings 1.5


Parallel Pane

You can now open a parallel pane in one of three ways: 1) tap on the parallel pane button in the bottom right corner, 2) tap on the grabber handle at the bottom of the screen (when in full-screen mode), or 3) drag the grabber handle up from the bottom of the screen (when in full-screen mode).



Up and Down Buttons

The up and down buttons in the bottom toolbar now jump between chapters (for texts) or articles (for tools).



Read Button

When you run a search, a read button (glasses) now displays in the top left of the toolbar. Tapping this button will clear the search results and return to the reading view.

Read Button 1.5


Back Button

After amplifying, a back button now displays in the top left of the toolbar, providing an easy way to get back to the previous text or tool. You can still use a two finger swipe to the right to accomplish this task as well.

Back Button


Copy and Highlight in Tools

You can now copy or highlight by word, sentence, or paragraph in tools. Copying then allows you to paste into other apps, such as Pages.

Copy in Tools 1.5


Unicode Word Search

All Unicode Bibles have been updated to enable word searches and search commands.

Korean Search


Mobile Help

Accordance Help is now available via the Help button in the bottom toolbar of the Library window. Please note that the help system will open in a browser outside of the Accordance app.

Mobile Help 1.5


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