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News for 02.02.12
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Five new volumes have been added to our set of Pillar New Testament Commentaries:

pill-matt ranks many of these excellent commentaries as the best available for that book of the Bible. We cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the commentaries themselves.

We took this opportunity to upgrade the nine older volumes. We added fields for the Author and Bibliography, identified over 1200 scripture links, and added over 2500 links to other modules.

These and all our other tools features make the commentaries in Accordance immeasurably more useful than a simple text or book.

So, how can you enjoy these upgrades?

  • First, the upgraded individual modules and the 9 volume Pillar NTC-2 are available free in Check for Updates.
  • The current 14 volume set, print value $654, is available through February at the special introductory price of $349.99 (not combined with other discounts).
  • If you own Pillar NTC-2 you can add the 5 new volumes, print value $268, for just $149.99.
  • If you have the original Pillar NTC you can add the 6 new volumes, print value $298, for just $169.99.
  • Each volume is also available for individual purchase and download, and the coupon 3Pillar gives you an extra 10% discount on the purchase of three or more volumes at once.