Study Bible Sale

Study Bible Sale: Tools that are Just Right

We are putting our most popular Study Bible notes on sale for the month of June! Study Bibles are incredibly useful as they tend to be more succinct than a commentary yet more in-depth than the standard notes that come packaged in with Bible translations. In other words, not too much information, not too little, but just right. These tools provide the context and clarity needed for a passage, while keeping you focused on the primary task of studying the Bible.

Note: These products are Study Bible notes and do not come packaged with translations of the Bible. These Study Bible notes will scroll in sync with any Bible translation you choose in Accordance.

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Apologetics Study Bible

The Apologetics Study Bible enables readers to know the reasons and evidences for the Christian faith and to articulate those reasons to others asking big questions. This Study Bible includes contributions from some of today's most respected Christian apologists such as Chuck Colson, Norman Geisler, Hank Hanegraaff, Josh McDowell, Albert Mohler, Ravi Zacharias, and more.

List $40

Sale $30


Archaeological Study Bible

The Archaeological Study Bible features over 500 full-color photographs, in-text maps, detailed charts, study notes and cultural facts that bring the ancient biblical world to life. The Archaeological Study Bible will open your eyes to the archaeological, historical, and cultural contexts of the stories you read and the people you meet in Scripture.

List $60

Sale $50


Catholic Study Bible

The second edition of the Catholic Study Bible has been significantly upgraded with new and expanded essays. The CSB provides an extensive Reading Guide that leads the reader through the Scriptures, book-by-book, and also includes complete lectionary readings (for Sundays, major holy days, and weekdays).

List $35

Sale $27


Dake Annotated Reference Bible

With 35,000 commentary notes, 500,000 cross/chain references and 9,000 outline headings, the Dake Annotated Reference Bible gives you a wealth of resources for personal study. Thousands of passages are amplified. Obscure readings are made clear. Ancient customs are explained, along with matters of history, culture and geography.

List $119

Sale $70

ESV Study Bible

ESV Study Bible

Created by a team of 95 evangelical Christian scholars and teachers, the ESV Study Bible presents 20,000 study notes, over 50 articles, and over 200 full color maps that all display in Accordance. This full version of the ESV Study Bible also includes a copy of the ESV translation of the Bible.

List $70

Sale $55

ESV SB Add-on

ESV Study Bible Add-on to ESV

Already own the ESV in Accordance? If so you can get a great deal on the ESV Study Bible notes for a discounted price.

List $40

Sale $30


Halley Cover

Halley's Bible Handbook

Developed by Henry Hampton Halley in the 1920's and expanded throughout his lifetime, Halley's Bible Handbook has been treasured by generations of Bible readers for its clarity, insight, and usefulness. Written for both mind and heart, this expanded twenty-fifth edition retains Dr. Halley’s highly personal style.

List $30

Sale $25


Jewish Study Bible

The Jewish Study Bible presents the center of gravity of the Scriptures where Jews experience it--in Torah. It offers readers the fruits of various schools of Jewish traditions of biblical exegesis (rabbinic, medieval, mystical, etc.) and provides them with a wealth of ancillary materials that aid in bringing the ancient text to life.

List $35

Sale $27

Life App SB

Life Application Study Bible

The Life Application Study Bible notes help explain the Bible and challenge readers to apply Scripture to everyday life. In addition, personality profiles highlight over 100 important Bible characters, and book introductions provide vital statistics, overview, and timeline to help readers understand the message of each book.

List $30

Sale $23

NLT SBcover

NLT Study Bible

The NLT Study Bible is the product of over forty Bible scholars and seven years' work. The notes focus on bringing out the full meaning of the text, allowing the reader to understand the Bible more deeply. Features include 25,900 study notes, maps, charts, illustrations, a Greek and Hebrew word-study system, and much more.

List $40

Sale $30

ryrie study bible

Ryrie Study Bible

Charles C. Ryrie is a respected Christian writer, theologian and editor of this popular study Bible. The Ryrie Study Bible includes a concise and easy-to-understand outline of the major doctrines found in Scripture. Also included are comprehensive outlines of each book, 10,000 explanatory notes, full-color maps and timelines.

List $30

Sale $23

scofield study bible

Scofield Study Bible

The Scofield Study Bible has taken Dr. C. I. Scofield's decades of reflection upon Scripture and augmented (not revised) these ideas to make them clearer to modern readers. An abundance of factual information is presented in topical articles, charts, and lists that add depth and richness to study time.

List $30

Sale $23

thompson chain

Thompson Chain-Reference Bible

The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is a well-organized reference system that is of practical use to laypeople as well as ministers. Over 100,000 links are included, and over 8,000 Chain Topics. Other features include an updated Archaeological Supplement with photos and maps, outline studies of each book of the Bible, journey maps, and Bible harmonies.

List $49

Sale $40