Unlock codes


Where are the unlock codes I need?


This depends:

  • If you ordered online you can retrieve your unock codes as well as links to any downloads from the Downloads & Unlocks page after signing in to your account.
  • Your invoices from OakTree list all your new codes in the Description column. You should keep the invoices for future reference in case you need to reinstall.
  • Some CD-ROMs and DVDs, such as the Library or Scholar's, are packaged with the code for the purchased level inside the folder. If you are using a CD-ROM you only need to check the level on the installer, not the items below the line that are included in your level. The installer will need a code for each item you check. Those other options are shown in the installer to allow for custom unlocks.
  • If you have free Bible unlocks with your package, you must tell us which Bibles you want and we will supply the codes, these are not automatic unlocks.
  • If you have lost old codes, you can contact us to get them emailed to you.