Verse discrepancies


Why does 2 Cor 13:13 not show up in the NIV? I can see why, in a search pane with the GNT-T displayed, 2 Cor 13:13 would not show up in the corresponding English text(s). But I am also getting this result not in the search pane, but in the verse reference pane. Also, this is happening even when the GNT-T is not displayed at all. In other words, with only an English text pane open, in the verse reference mode, I cannot find any way to get 2 Cor 13:13 on the screen. It simply will not display at all. This is true for all English versions I have checked except NRSV, which of course is different because it follows UBS4/NA27 versification. Can you suggest any way to get 2 Cor 13:13 to display in the English text, even with the GNT-T closed?


2 Cor 13:13 is missing in the GNT-T text. Your problem is that when you display in Verse Reference mode, you must set the search text from GNT-T to NIV and click OK to get the verse. When you change the search text, the text pane displays the new version, but until you update by clicking OK, it still shows the old verses.