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Previous Accordance Releases and Announcement

WBC Sale Price (Jan 23, 2008)

Word Biblical Commentary is now discounted by $500. The 58 volume set represents a print value of about $2500 and is now available in Accordance for just $699. See the list of volumes.

New Releases in San Diego (Nov 25, 2007)

We had a great time in San Diego (see David's blog) and are now ready to announce to the rest of the world all the new materials that we made available to the scholars there.

We have never had so many important texts added at once to the Scholar's Collection as we did this year for Scholar's 7.4. Many other texts and tools were upgraded, so everyone with an earlier Scholar's CD-ROM should definitely upgrade to the new one.

Completely new releases included:

Modules released earlier this year as downloads:

Separate new CD-ROM:

Emulator Manual (Nov 8, 2007)

We have updated the Emulator Manual for version 7 and for Vista. This should make it even easier for PC users to get up and running with Accordance on Basilisk. It can be downloaded here.

MacArthur New Testament Commentary (Oct 31, 2007)

We are delighted to offer the 26 volumes of this commentary by one of today's most respected Bible preachers, teachers, and writers. John MacArthur's commentaries aim to explain and apply Scripture, focusing on the major doctrines and how they relate to the whole of the Bible.

The print value is over $600, but our price is $299, with an introductory special offer of just $249 until the end of November. See this page for more details and a list of the current volumes, and click here to order the CD-ROM for yourself.

Accordance 7.4 is ready for Leopard (Oct 25, 2007)

Version 7.4 does not have many new features (we're working on plenty for the future) but it is now ready for Leopard, Mac OS 10.5, and corrects all the minor bugs that have been reported since 7.3 came out in June.

This free upgrade is now available to all version 7 users. The new features since version 7.0 are listed here. Please download the installer/updater here.

Jewish Collection release 4 (Oct 22, 2007)

This collection designed especially for our Jewish users and anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible, is now available at several levels. The Introductory and Advanced levels include the new JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words, and the Unlock All option offers a considerable discount on the unlocks of the Jewish Study Bible, the JPS Torah Commentary, and the MISH-T. Most upgrades from the earlier releases of the Jewish Collection are just $20 if you have version 7.

Jewish Study Bible (Oct 19, 2007)

We are thrilled to offer the Jewish Study Bible which will be of interest to both Jewish and Christian users.

In 2003 Oxford University Press broke exciting new ground in the field of study Bibles with The Jewish Study Bible. This innovative volume, for the first time, offers readers of the Hebrew Bible a resource that is specifically tailored to meet their needs.

This exciting new module has been posted for download for $35. It will also be available for unlock from the Jewish Collection 4 CD-ROM next week.

Corrections to the JPS Torah Commentary (Oct 12, 2007)

We found widespread minor errors in our first release of this important commentary, so we are already posting an update. It can be downloaded by the AccUpdater widget, or using the installers on the Purchased modules page.

Catholic Collection release 2 (Oct 10, 2007)

The updated Catholic Collection is now shipping. This CD-ROM will meet the needs of a growing number of Catholic users. It is now available at three levels and as a custom CD for unlocks. The Introductory level includes additional Bible study and devotional materials, and the Parallel databases. Users who upgrade from the first release receive the Advanced level for just $20 (if they own version 7). The Catholic Study Bible and the NRSV are available for unlocking, and are included in the Unlock All.

Accordance User's Guide version 7 (Oct 2, 2007)

Finally the revised User's Guide for version 7 is ready for download and to order in print.

Please note that the cover says 7.4 because we plan to release that version as a free upgrade next month with a few bug fixes, no new features. 7.4 is not yet released but the manual is accurate for 7.3.

While supplies last we are offering the 6.3 User's Guide for only $10.

New Jewish and Catholic Modules (Sept 27, 2007)

We are proud to announce the release of the JPS Torah Commentary, 5 volumes, only $200!

Written by four outstanding Torah scholars, the JPS Torah Commentary represents a fusion of the best of the old and new. Utilizing the latest research to enhance our understanding of the biblical text, it takes its place as one of the most authoritative yet accessible Bible commentaries of our day.

This outstanding new module has been posted for download for $200. It will also shortly be available for unlock from the Jewish Collection 4 CD-ROM.

We are also happy to release the Catholic Study Bible, $35

Since its publication in 1990, the Catholic Study Bible has been widely accepted for use by advanced students that have benefited from its wealth of background information on the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the Bible.

This new module has been posted for download for $35, and will also shortly be available for unlock from the Catholic Collection 2 CD-ROM.

Macs Underpin Dead Sea Scrolls Project (Sept 15, 2007)

Apple: Profiles in Success: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our good friend, Professor Emanuel Tov, Editor-in-Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, was interviewed recently for Apple's profiles in success. He included Accordance in his discussion of the use of Macs in the project. and you can read the resulting interesting article here.

Updated Flash demo for Scholars (Sept 6, 07)

The flash demo for Greek and Hebrew has been updated for version 7.3 and is now available on the home page, and the demos page. It can also be downloaded for replay offline at your convenience.

The Complete Gathered Gold (Sept 1, 07)

This month we are featuring a new module, and offering it at the introductory price of $25 (regularly $30). This unique collection of 16,000 quotations will be an invaluable resource to pastors, teachers, and parents. Click here to order Gathered Gold.

BDAG and TJL volumes 1-5 CD-ROM Updates (Aug 3, 07)

The updates to BDAG version 1.3 and to the Theological Journal Library Volumes 1-5 are now available on CD-ROM. Both updates are $10 if you own an earlier CD-ROM and version 7. Both updates have no new content, just corrections to scripture references and other formatting or typos, and both are release 3 of that CD-ROM. The BDAG update is also available through the AccUpdater widget. Users on older systems may contact us directly for a link to the download of BDAG.

Introduction to Tools Movie Tutorial (July 3, 2007)

Somehow the soundtrack on this movie was doubled on the second batch of the Accordance Training DVD. It will be a while before we can remaster it, so we have posted the movie for download.

Independence Day Offering (July 2, 2007)

To celebrate the holiday we are offering you the American Heritage module. This free module is a compilation of official and historical documents of the United States of America.

Need to look up the exact wording of the First Amendment? Looking for an illustrative or inspiring quotation? This module contains landmark documents relating to America's Governmental and Cultural Heritage.

Government documents include the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the remaining Constitutional Amendments.

Historical and Cultural Works include Thomas Paine's Common Sense, Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists, the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner, and Lincoln's Gettysburg address.

Good News for the Emulator (July 2, 2007)

We have posted an old version of StuffItLite which will enable users to compress Accordance User files such as Notes, Tools, Highlights, etc., and move them via their Windows system to another Emulator or to a Mac. This is great news as it means that you can now save all the work you want in Accordance itself, knowing that you can export it when you upgrade to a Mac (as well as share it with other users).

Adobe Reader version 8 corrects the overlapping characters sometimes seen when printing text to PDF from Accordance.

ESV Update (June 23, 07)

Due to a misunderstanding, last week we released the updated ESV as a separate second edition. We now understand that Crossway prefers that this update replace the original ESV rather than consider it a second edition. This release incorporates the minor textual updates from the ESV Translation Oversight Committee meeting in 2005.

The updated version has now been posted as a free upgrade. It can be downloaded by the AccUpdater widget, or using the installers on the Purchased modules page.

Those who purchased the ESV-SE upgrade may receive credit for the full amount of their purchase, the next time they order from Accordance. Please remind us when you place your order.

Note: On July 2 we posted another update to the Crossreferences. If you already have ESV version 2 you must use the installer to update the Crossreferences to version 2.1.

Metzger: Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament (June 21, 07)

The second edition of this companion to the Greek New Testament discusses textual variations based on the critical apparatus. It contains a thorough explanation of each textual decision that appears in UBS4, in verse order, and is the most comprehensive modern textual commentary. "This is a uniquely helpful aid in researching textual issues." -- review by R C Cramer

From the Introduction to the book: "Most commentaries on the Bible seek to explain the meaning of words, phrases, and ideas of the scriptural text in their nearer and wider context; a textual commentary, however, is concerned with the prior question, What is the original text of the passage? That such a question must be asked – and answered! – before one explains the meaning of the text arises from two circumstances: (a) none of the original documents of the Bible is extant today, and (b) the existing copies differ from one another."

Metzger is now available for purchase and download for $35.

New Scofield Study Bible Notes (June 21, 07)

The Scofield Reference Bible is one of the earliest and best known study Bibles, helping readers see the plan of salvation unfolding through the ages. This module offers the 1967 Oxford edition of the Scofield® notes and reference system.

From the publisher: "The fruit of Dr. C. I. Scofield's decades of reflection upon the Word of God have been augmented (not revised) to make the ideas underlying the Scofield Study Bible's annotations clearer to modern readers. An abundance of factual information is presented in topical articles, charts, and lists that add depth and richness to study time. Enhanced book introductions, accurate in-text maps, and page bottom notes broaden the context of the reader's understanding.

Everything about this edition has been designed to encourage serious Bible study. First-time students and seasoned believers alike will find this volume to be a trustworthy guide to the panorama of God's plan of salvation."

Scofield is now available for purchase and download for $30.

At long last! The Accordance Training DVD is now ready (June 13, 07)

We’ve created this training DVD with over five hours of instruction to help you get the most out of your Accordance investment. These tutorials by our own David Lang cover everything from understanding the basic concepts behind the Accordance interface to performing graphic searches in the original Biblical languages. Whether you’re new to Accordance or have been using it for years, there’s something for everyone. See the list of topics.

The Search Window tutorial can be downloaded. It forms an excellent introduction to this important window, and will give you a foretaste of all the good things you'll learn as you work your way through the rest of the tutorials.

You will enjoy the ability to select which tutorial you want to view, and the option to pause and rewind to be sure you have understood that last point. The clear audio instruction accompanies a video of the actions being described, so you can both see and hear how to access each feature or accomplish each task.

The Accordance Training DVD is available at the low price of $29. Users who have purchased the previous Introduction to Accordance DVD can upgrade to the new DVD for only $10, but this special offer ends on August 31, 07, and thereafter the upgrade price will be $15.

Textbook of Aramaic Documents from Ancient Egypt (June 13, 07)

We are delighted to release this significant module from the 4 volumes by Bezalel Porten and Ada Yardeni.

The TAD-T module represents the main Aramaic text, morphologically tagged initially for the CAL Project. The accompanying parallel TAD-E module includes the English translation, as well as headings, explanations, and footnotes in the printed text. The Yardeni drawings are not included

TAD includes a large collection of Aramaic documents from the 5th century BCE, mainly from Elephantine Island (ancient Yeb) in the Nile near Aswan, which offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of a Jewish garrison community during the Persian occupation. The letters and legal papers give a vivid picture of the life of Jews in exile during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah, and are of major importance to scholars of the period. The Accordance TAD-T module allows full morphological searches of the Aramaic text. The TAD-E Reference tool includes the English translations and all the Notes, and can be displayed in parallel or searched independently.

The TAD-T is now available for purchase and download for $100.

Accordance Exchange Makeover (May 28, 07)

Users of Accordance can create and save a wide variety of resources. The Accordance Exchange website is a place where Accordance users can share with one another the resources they develop. It has now been moved to our main servers and redesigned with a new look, an upload page, and an RSS feed.

Dead Sea Scrolls Bible in English (May 24, 07)

We are thrilled to offer this important new module for immediate download. The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible: The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English. By Martin G. Abegg, Jr., Peter Flint, and Eugene Ulrich (HarperCollins 1999).

This is the first translation of all 225 Biblical manuscripts from Qumran. The text is arranged in canonical order and can be read in parallel with any other Bible. Certain additional Psalms and other Apocryphal material is included. Extensive introductions to the books, citations of the manuscripts, and other footnotes, are included in the parallel Notes module.

See excerpts from Book Reviews. The DSSB-E is now available for purchase and download for $40.

Bible Art Module Individual Unlock (May 9, 07)

In response to demand from many users at seminars who saw the new Bible Art module but do not need the rest of the material on the Library 7, we have now posted this as a separate, rather large, unlock and download. To check it out first, see the article.

Nice Updates for KJVS and the Online Demo (April 13, 07)

We have corrected a styling error in the KJVS version 2.5 which caused some text to appear in small caps. It is available for download by the AccUpdater. Users on older systems may contact us directly for a link to the download.

Joel has updated the English or Standard Flash demo for version 7, though for a look just at what is new you will still want to check the New Features demo. Both are available on the front page of the website, and in Resources. This demo is a great way to orient a new user to the basic features of Accordance.

New Module Downloads (Feb. 11, 07)

We have two new Bibles to offer: the Swedish Bibel 2000, and the Vamvas modern Greek translation. We also have an important upgrade of the Dutch Statenvertaling which corrects many minor errors.

Updates have also been posted for the GNT-T, GNT-TR, SAMAR-T, and Waltke Hebrew. These are the same versions as the AccUpdater widget installs, so there is no need to download them separately if you use the widget.

All these downloads can be found on the Purchased Modules download page.

Downloadable Updates (Jan. 29, 07)

FontFixer has finally been updated and should now be working correctly.

The Accordance and AccUpdater widgets have been updated with visible version numbers and improved functionality.

A further update to the Targum has been posted today, and the Talmud update was posted on Jan 6, both for the AccUpdater widget to download. Users on older systems may contact us directly for a link to the download.

Significant Updates (Dec. 6, 06)

Although we are committed to excellence, we are not (yet) perfect. This year, for some reason, many of the texts released on Scholar's 7.1 had significant errors that were noticed almost immediately. Thanks to the AccUpdater widget, it is easy for us and you to download the updates automatically. The good news is that version 2.1.2 of the widget is much faster and more reliable. You can download it separately, or as part of an updated 7.1 installer which also has corrections to the Hebrew words file. Then you can allow it to update your modules automatically.

Of course, you must be using OS 10.4+ in order to use the widget. The rest of you will have to pay for another CD-ROM and shipping in order to get all the updates, sorry! We hope to have new CD-ROMs by the beginning of next week.

Reviews of Recent New Products (Dec. 1, 06)

John H. Fish has published evaluations of the new Greek texts and the Mac Studienbibel in Emmaus Journal.

Koivisto Paper on Morphological Tagging of Greek Manuscripts (Dec. 1, 06)

Rex Koivisto presented an excellent paper on this topic at the recent Accordance Scholars Session at the Society for Biblical Literature meetings, and we have posted it here for those who would like to read it.

Just Released (Nov. 26, 06)

We just returned from successful shows at the annual meetings of ETS and AAR/SBL in Washington, DC. See David's report on the Blog. It is now time to announce to everyone the great new products that we released there:

  • The long-awaited Word Biblical Commentary will ship in December. The retail price is $1199, but the introductory special is only $599 until Jan 31, 2007. Please use coupon WBCIntro, no other discounts apply, separate shipping charge will be applied.
  • Also anticipated, the New International Greek Testament Commentary is now available on the Eerdmans Reference release 2 CD-ROM. NIGTC is a detailed verse-by-verse commentary based on the original Greek, with exegesis that is sensitive to theological themes as well as to the details of the historical, linguistic, and textual context. The current 13 volumes set in one module is $499, individual volumes can also be unlocked. Use coupon code 3NIGTC to get 10% off the unlock of three or more NIGTC modules at once.
  • The Babylonian Talmud: A Translation and Commentary, edited by Jacob Neusner. The module includes the complete 22 volume set which lists in print for $895. This reference tool scrolls in parallel with the MISH-T and other Mishna modules....only $199
  • Semeia: an Experimental Journal: All 92 issues from 1974 to 2002, following experimental approaches to biblical criticism, including insights from linguistics, folklore studies, contemporary literary criticism, structuralism, social anthropology, and other such disciplines and approaches. Included on the SBL Journal CD-ROM....$79
  • Scholar's Collection 7.1 is $15 to users with version 7, just $10 for those who also have the Scholar's 7.0 or Library 7 CD-ROM sets. In addition to important additions to the Pseudepigrapha and Targum modules, it offers these new modules:
    • Apostolic Fathers (Lightfoot) (AFL-T)....$30
      An introductory version of the tagged Greek Apostolic Fathers. Follows the 1891 text of J. B. Lightfoot as edited by J. R. Harmer.
    • Codex Vaticanus (GNT-VAT)....$60
      Tischendorf’s transcription of Codex Vaticanus, corrected against images of the actual NT MS. Includes column and page-break indicators. Ligatures are displayed in Sylvanus Uncial font.
    • GNT Robinson Byzantine (GNT-BYZ)....$50
      The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2005 compiled and arranged by Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont, including apparatus notes. This an important edition of the Greek Majority text.
    • New Testament Peshitta (PESHNT-T)....$100
      This package includes the grammatically tagged Syriac Peshitta New Testament, and the untagged Old Syriac Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Curetonianus Gospel MSSs. Each text comes in both Syriac Estrangela and Aramaic square script. Murdock’s translation of the Peshitta NT is also included.

David has described these new products in more detail for you on the Blog.

AccUpdater: New Modules Available for Automatic Download (Nov. 26, 06)

We have now made many modules available for automatic download by the AccUpdater widget. Although not yet complete, the policy will be to post any updates to small modules that are on CD-ROMs that we have sold since September, when Library 7 and Scholar's 7 were released together with Bible Unlock 3 and Bible Reference 3. This will include modules on the Catholic Collection, Jewish Collection, and NIV Study Bible Complete Library (except for the huge NIV Concordance).

This basically means that as long as you have the latest CD-ROM in a series, you should be able to update any modules that have been updated on other CD-ROMs. We made an exception for Scholar's 7 to 7.1, the updates can be downloaded, but for new modules you will need the new CD-ROM which is just $10 if you already have Scholar's 7.0.

Simply run the AccUpdater widget that comes with Accordance 7.1 to access the automatic downloads.

New Reviews (Nov. 14, 06)

Sven Rafferty gave a positive review of Accordance on his SvenOnTech website. November 2006

Tony Cartledge of Biblical Recorder switched to Mac recently and has now written about his experiences with Accordance on his blog. Nice to know that we are not alone in the blogosphere.

Check out the Reviews page for a wide variety of comments and viewpoints.

Quick Reference Guide (Sept. 14, 06)

Thank you, David, for this handy 10 page Guide to the most important features of Accordance version 7.

Zondervan Scholarly Bible Study Suite for Macintosh (Sept. 12, 06)

The third in the new series from Zondervan is now released, and it is chock full of excellent modules for the pastor or serious student of the Bible. The Scholarly Bible Study Suite includes the complete Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, several tools to analyse and parse the Greek and Hebrew text, Greek grammars, introductions to the Bible, valuable commentaries, and dictionaries of Biblical Archaeology and the Christian Church. Almost all this material is completely new to Accordance. The entire CD-ROM is priced at only $149!

Rubén Gómez has contributed an article which illustrates how the Greek tools can be used to deepen the study of the English text.

Newly Downloadable Modules and Updates (Sept. 7, 06, updated Sept. 14)

For your convenience we are adding more modules to the list available for immediate download with the purchase of an unlock code, or as an upgrade:

  • Inscriptions Index: an invaluable discussion and bibliography of the Northwest Semitic Inscriptions....$30
  • NVI: Spanish Nueva Version Internacional....$30
  • GNT-T: Greek New Testament NA27 with full morphological tagging....$50
  • GNT-TR: Greek New Testament - Textus Receptus with full tagging....$50
  • NRSV: New Revised Standard Version....$30
  • NIBC: New International Biblical Commentary....$100

We have also posted the latest updates to the BHS-W4, ESV, GKC Hebrew, HCSB, LXX, Message, NIV, NKJV, and NLT-SE. All downloaded modules (except GNT-TR) are now the same versions as on our new Bible Unlock and Scholar's 7 CD-ROMs.

On Sept 14 we updated the Timeline, and added corrections to the GNT-TR (one word was wrong) and to the NIBC. The latter has many corrections throughout the commentary, but these are missing from the first batch of the Bible Reference 3 CD-ROM.

There is also an important updater for the Mac Bibel Bibliothek CD-ROM that corrects the scrolling and hyperlinking of the Notes in the Gospels, and of the Menge Bible in the Pastoral Epistles (Sept 14).

AccordIt 2.3 Available (Sept. 7, 06)

AccordIt is a text processing utility intended for use with Accordance Bible Software. It allows you to

  • display verses from any Bible installed in your copy of Accordance
  • edit the text using Accordance fonts and text capabilities
  • copy and paste text into a word processor
  • save text as a text file or RTF file
  • import documents with LaserHebrew or LaserGreek, and convert those fonts to Accordance fonts.

Version 2 of AccordIt has been updated to run natively in OS X and to access the texts formatted for Accordance 6.x and 7.x. It has not been updated with all the text export options, such as Copy as Citation or Unicode, that are now offered in Accordance. AccordIt is mainly provided as an update for those who have been using this utility, and as a quick means of copying verses without running Accordance.

Note: Since AccordIt requires the Accordance settings ƒ folder, it will only work for texts which have been added to version 5 or 6 of Accordance. If you have only used version 7 of Accordance and wish to run AccordIt, you must create the settings folder by running an earlier version of Accordance and adding texts to it.

You can download the free utility from the Program Installers page and the AccordIt Guide from the Documentation page.

Primary Collections Update at Last! (August 26, 06)

We are happy to announce the release of Accordance Library 7 and Scholar's Collection 7 with version 7 and significant additions to the contents of each level. We are also releasing the Bible Unlock release 3 and Bible Reference release 3 CD-ROMs, and are including both with each purchase of the Library or Scholar's CD-ROM sets.

Library 7 and Scholar's 7 upgrade prices are posted on the Upgrades page. Simply order the regular item and check the Upgrade box at checkout.

What's New in Library 7? Our biggest Library upgrade ever, the new Library 7 CD-ROM features more than 30 new modules! See what is new in each level, and a table of the modules included in each upgrade over the years.

New Modules available on the other CD-ROMs include:

Scholar's Collection 7

  • Inscriptions Index: an invaluable discussion and bibliography of the Northwest Semitic Inscriptions....$30
  • SAMAR-T: the morphologically tagged version of the Hebrew text of the Pentateuch as preserved by the Samaritan Community....$50, $30 as upgrade from untagged SAMAR.
  • GKC Hebrew: Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, "the standard reference grammar for most serious students of Hebrew", fully marked up with Accordance fields and hypertexts....$70

Bible Unlock 3 CD

  • NVI: Spanish Nueva Version Internacional....$30
  • NLT-SE: New Living Translation, Second Edition...$30, $10 as upgrade to the NLT
  • TNIV: Today's New International Version....$30
  • CJB: Complete Jewish Bible....$35

Bible Reference 3 CD

  • Edersheim Group: Includes Bible History OT, Life & Times, Sketches, and Temple....$49
  • Atlas Sampler ....$20
  • and some modules moved from Library 6: Calvin, Hodge-Theology, Ryrie, Thayer

Add-on Bundles (August 26, 06)

GNT add-on and BHS add-on packages offer more affordable ways to get started with the tagged texts. These are in addition to our previous add-ons:

  • Josephus add-on modules: Tagged Greek text and English translation with Notes: $120 value for only $100
  • LXX add-on modules: Tagged Greek text with LXX Grammar, Brenton English translation with Notes, and LEH-2 Septuagint Lexicon: $190 value for only $140
  • Mishna add-on modules: Tagged Kaufmann Hebrew text, Neusner English translation, and Eshkol untagged Hebrew text: $190 value for only $140
  • Philo add-on modules: Tagged Greek text and English translation with Notes: $150 value for only $125
  • Pseudepigrapha add-on modules: Tagged Greek text, Evans English translation, and Charles Translation: $210 value for only $160
  • Qumran Sectarian add-on modules: Tagged Hebrew/Aramaic text, English translation, and Qumran Index: $150 value for only $120
  • Targums add-on modules: Tagged Aramaic text and English translation with Notes: $150 value for only $125

Atlas Sampler (August 18, 06)

The Atlas Sampler lets you try out the fully interactive Atlas for just $20. Then, you get the $20 off when you upgrade to the Atlas Version 2 with 12 high-resolution backgrounds, 3D images, modern boundaries, and additional layers.

The Sampler offers two older low-resolution map backgrounds (Colors and Beige) and the data. This results in a fully functioning interactive Atlas except for the 3D capability and the Place Names and Sites modules.

You can download the installer here.

GNT Morphology Upgrade on BibleWithYou (July 12, 06)

BibleWithYou announces the release of the upgraded GNT with Level II tagging for the Palm Pilot and Pocket PC. New in the database are Preposition and Improper Preposition case use, Subcategories and function categories to most conjunctions, Identification of Proper Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs, Refinement of Adjective and Adverb functions, Specification of Particle functions, Addition of 2Aorist tags to distinguish them from 1Aorist.

The upgrade is free for those who already have the GNT Morphology.

New Modules and Updates for Hebrew Studies (5/30/06)

We are happy to announce the release of:

  • SAMAR-T: the morphologically tagged version of the Hebrew text of the Pentateuch as preserved by the Samaritan Community....$50, $30 as upgrade from untagged SAMAR.
  • GKC Hebrew: Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, "the standard reference grammar for most serious students of Hebrew", fully marked up wuth Accordance fields and hypertexts....$70
  • HALOT: Hebrew Aramaic lexicon of the OT, Koehler-Baumgartner, release 3 with widespread corrections, $159, $10 upgrade from KB, requires version 6.

The Hebrew scholars have been very patient with us, now you get your reward!

New Living Translation Second Edition (5/17/06)

The second edition of the NLT represents a major revision along the following lines: more consistency of word translation, more concise translation instead of paraphrase of difficult phrases, repeated words included to reflect the original, and poetic sections treated as poetry. The resulting translation is still easy for the modern reader to follow, but also accurate and faithful to the words of the original.

The NLT-SE is offered as a separate version from the NLT (which will be discontinued from future CD-ROMs). It is available now for download for $30, and just $10 as an upgrade to the NLT. We do NOT plan to include it in the next release of the Library.

Updates on Apparatus and German CD-ROMs (5/9/06)

The availability of Apparatus modules for Accordance opens a major new dimension for Biblical studies. See the Article on Apparatus modules.

The CNTTS Apparatus project was delayed by hurricane Katrina, but the next phase is now complete. We are happy to announce release 2 with the addition of Acts and the general epistles (James through Jude) and corrections to the Gospels.

Mac Studienbibel CD-ROM official release will ship this week. We will ship it at no charge to those who purchased the pre-release version. It includes the German Bible Society's Apparatus modules for the GNT-NA27 and the BHS.

We are also releasing the Mac Bible Bibliothek CD-ROM with a new range of German Bibles and the option of a German language version of Accordance 6.9.2. Four of the Bibles are lemmatized to allow the user to find every form of a German word, two have dictionaries, and most have translator's notes or cross references.

Available Discounts (3/31/06)

We are now offering academic discounts to full-time teachers as well as students, and to those in full-time ministry. After all, teachers deserve their "apples."

You can apply for a discount in your online account or by contacting the office.

Patience Rewarded at Last! (3/9/06)

The new, revised, and expanded Thompson Chain Reference Bible is now available for Accordance. This much beloved study tool is even more useful in Accordance, with every link just a mouse-click away.

We have posted an installer for the old NIV Study Bible Complete Library. The installer requires that CD-ROM and Accordance version 6.0 or higher, and will install all the modules as well as Accordance 6.9.2.

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Vol. I (2/27/06)

The ACCS is a very important compilation of the comments of early Christian writers on the text of the Bible, published by Inter-Varsity Press. Volume I includes 12 of the print volumes and 42 1/2 of the books of the Bible. There are more details here, and an evaluation by David Lang who converted the text for Accordance, on our Blog.

This invaluable CD-ROM is now available. It retails at $480, but our sale price is just $384.

Accordance 6.9.2 Upgrade (2/6/06)

The 6.9.2 upgrade fixes several bugs in 6.9.1, and allows users to display and enter verses references with European notation, as well as hide the superscript characters in Bible texts. The import of HTML to user tools was further improved. Click here to download it.

Updated New Since 5 and Mini-Manual for 6.9.2 PDF files are available on the Documentation page.

The Font Fixer utility removes all old copies of all our Accordance fonts, and reinstalls only the latest TrueType fonts in OS X. It is intended for people whose Greek, Hebrew, or other fonts are not displaying correctly. The Accordance fonts.pdf explains the common problems and solutions. The Font Fixer is for those people who still have problems. If necessary you can rerun the 6.9.2 installer to get a full set of fonts. Click here to download the Font Fix for OS X.

Check out all the new features since 6.0. The Widget for users with OS 10.4 (Tiger) is included in the installer. It now automatically finds Accordance, but does not launch it until it is needed.

This free upgrade is recommended for everyone with version 6.

Accordance Blog (2/1/06)

We have started an Accordance blog as yet another way for our talented writers to share their Accordance-related thoughts with you. I took a sneak peek at some upcoming posts, and I think they will prove to be enjoyable and informative reading.

We will also put links to important announcements, and there is an RSS feed, so some of you may prefer to keep in touch with Accordance news in that way. Other ways to stay in touch are the RSS feed from the Forum, this News page, and the Accordance Newsletter.

Atlas Version 2 (2/1/06)

We are thrilled to announce the release of Version 2 of our extremely popular interactive Bible Atlas. All the previous features are now enhanced with the addition of:

  • High resolution backgrounds: 10 times the resolution in the areas of greatest interest which now lets you zoom in to see the shapes of hills and valleys such as the hills around Jerusalem, instead of square pixels.
  • Larger area which now covers more of Italy, Greece, Egypt, and the Persian Gulf.
  • Modern boundaries of all the states in the region, and major modern cities.
  • Addtional sites, routes, and regions.
  • New pre-defined layers showing every available route and region.
  • Two new topographical backgrounds.

The new Atlas is priced at $89, and the upgrade is only $39 for users with the older Atlas and version 6. The updated Atlas Supplement is available for download or purchase ($10).

We also have a small correction for those who have the first batch of Atlas Version 2. If your Map data file (in Atlas files) is dated 1/6/06 you can download the updater to the corrected file dated 1/16/06. You can also download the corrected Satellite background.

Now Shipping New Releases (12/15/05)

The Bible Lands PhotoGuide Version 2....$69 is a major upgrade to the PhotoGuide with over 1200 photos from all over the Bible Lands (over 500 new photos). The descriptions have been expanded and updated, and most of the original photos have been saved at a much larger size and resolution, and color corrected. The upgrade is $29 for users with Accordance version 6 and the original PhotoGuide.

From Zondervan:

  • The Zondervan Essential Bible Study Suite for Macintosh®....$69
  • Zondervan Personal Growth Bible Study Suite for Macintosh®....$49
    Each of the two Zondervan Bible Study Suites released so far offers exceptional value and modules that are new to Accordance. The Essential Suite includes the newest NIV versions and a completely revised Study Bible, and is an ideal starting point for Bible studies based on the NIV. The Personal Growth Suite has some excellent tools for personal or group Bible study, and includes the Thematic Study Bible which links each verse to studies on the themes that relate to that verse.
    These items make great gifts and add a wealth of new Bible Study resources for pastors and the general public.
    An upgrade path from the NIV Study Bible Complete Library is planned by Zondervan, but details will not be available for several weeks.
  • Today's New International Version (TNIV) is available separately for download....$30.

Major New Releases for ETS and AAR/SBL (11/10/05)

We are very excited to announce the release of three important CD-ROMs:

Mac Studienbibel CD-ROM
Stuttgart Original Language Collection....$139

Includes the full NA27 and BHS apparatus, and the texts with the apparatus markers, LXX-R untagged, VULG, BDB, LEH2, UBS, Greek/English/German, and Hebrew/German Lexicons. Includes a German version of Accordance. Unlockable modules: GNT-T, BHS-W4, LXX

This is a prerelease of this CD-ROM. We expect the final version from the German Bible Society early next year, and will ship a copy to all purchasers of the prerelease, at no additional charge.

Eerdmans Reference CD-ROM is $10 with purchase of Accordance 6. Free with full Pillar unlock.
Unlockable modules:

  • Pillar New Testament Commentary....$249 complete set of 8 volumes

Designed both for serious students and for general readers of the Bible, the PNTC series seeks to clarify the meaning of the text.

  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible....$45
  • NIGTC Commentary to come next Spring

Individual Pillar Modules:

  • Matthew (Leon Morris)....$45
  • Mark (James R. Edwards)....$40
  • John (D. A. Carson)....$40
  • Romans (Leon Morris)....$40
  • Ephesians (Peter O'Brien)....$40
  • Thessalonians (Gene L. Green)....$40
  • James (Douglas J. Moo)....$30
  • Letters of John (Colin Kruse)....$30

10% Discount on 3 or more PNTC unlocks at once (use coupon 3Pillar when ordering).

If you unlock all the modules over time, we will supply the code for the combined module.

Scholar’s Collection 6.9 CD-ROM is $10 with purchase of Accordance 6.

This new release upgrades most modules, and offer major new tagged Greek texts of broad interest to scholars.

New Modules available for unlocking:

  • Codex Bezae (GNT-BEZ)...$40
    The Greek column of the Codex Bezae (Gospels and most of Acts), morphologically tagged, and displayed in Sylvanus Uncial font.
  • Apocryphal Gospels (AGOSP-T)....$50
    The Greek Apocryphal Gospels, including Latin sections and an English translation, with morphological tagging of the Greek text. Includes the Gospel of Thomas and numerous other works.
  • Pseudepigrapha (New English) (PSEUD-E)....$50
    A new translation from the Greek by Dr. Craig Evans. This module is synchronized and displays in parallel with PSEUD-T.
  • Josephus Tagged Greek (JOSEPH-T)....$80, upgrade from JOSEPH-G....$40
    Includes the full text of Antiquites, Jewish War, Life, and Apion in Greek. Fully parsed and lemmatized by Aletti and Gieniusz.
  • Philo Tagged Greek (PHILO-T)....$100
    All the extant Greek texts of Philo prepared, lemmatized, and initially tagged grammatically by The Norwegian Philo Concordance Project, extensively revised for Accordance.
  • Philo English (PHILO-E)....$50, upgrade from Philo General Tool....$10
    Complete works translated by C.D. Yonge, now a text in parallel with PHILO-T with footnotes.
  • Introducing Biblical Hebrew (Ross Hebrew)....$40
    Grammar by Allen P. Ross, for first year studies.

Major Module Upgrades (no charge to current users):

  • Greek New Testament NA27 (tagged) (GNT-T)....$50
    Improved tagging, paragraphs, styling, and cross references
  • BHS with Westminster Hebrew Morphology 4.4 (BHS-W4)....$60
    Much improved tagging.
  • Greek Pseudepigrapha (tagged) (PSEUD-T)....$100
    Now includes 51 books and Psalms of Solomon
  • Targums (TARG-T, TARG2-T, TARG3-T) (tagged)....$100
    Now includes Onkelos, Neofiti, Pseudo-Jonathan, Jonathan, and several targums to the writings.
  • Targums English translation (TARG-E, TARG2-E & Notes)....$50
    A new translation which currently includes Onkelos and Neofiti, with future upgrades planned.
  • Qumran Index....$40
    Now expanded and forms a Reference tool that scrolls together with Qumran texts.

Zondervan Reference CD-ROM (10/12/05)

The new Zondervan Reference CD-ROM has the Expositor's Bible Commentary, NIDNTT, and NIDOTTE available for unlocking. These modules have all been updated. The EBC has many corrections to the text since the first release. NIDNTT is now a Greek tool, and NIDOTTE has also been corrected for the first time. The CD-ROM comes FREE with any unlock of these modules. If you own one or more of these modules you can order the CD-ROM as an upgrade for only $10 (with the purchase of Accordance 6).

Ben Zion Wacholder Professorship (9/30/05)

OakTree Software, Inc. is honored to announce that Dr. Martin Abegg is the holder of the Ben Zion Wacholder professorship in Dead Sea Scrolls Study at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, which OakTree is sponsoring. Dr. Abegg is the director of the MA program in Biblical Studies and co-director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at TWU.

More Font Information (8/18/05)

In response to many inquiries and much technical support in recent weeks, relating to the Accordance fonts, we have expanded the Accordance fonts.pdf and included discussion of the new issues like Unicode, Quartz smoothing, and Font Book in OS 10.4.

Accordance Discussion Forums (5/20/05)

We are excited to announce that we have discontinued the Accordance Forum listserv, and launched the Accordance Forums in a message board format.

Anyone can browse the topics, but, if you want to be able to post topics or replies, you will need to register and log in for the Forums. Neither an old Forum subscription, nor your online account, will carry over into this new board.

The major advantages of the new Forums are:

Topics are organized and threads can easily be followed
You can focus on the areas of interest to you and ignore the others
Email addresses are no longer visible, but members can send messages to each other
You can include images and screenshots to illustrate your posts
You can subscribe to the topics or forums of interest to receive email notifications

If you prefer not to keep a regular eye on the Forums, you can sign up for the Newsletter which will still go out with the official announcements from time to time.

Many, many thanks to Mick Matousek who originated, hosted, and maintained the Forum since 1998. His service was immensely valuable to Accordance users all over the world. We are indebted to him, and look forward to his continued contributions on the new Forums.

Mac Emulator for PC (4/14/05)

OakTree is now officially distributing and supporting the BasiliskII Emulator for those who want to run Accordance on a PC. The Manual has been extensively revised and is available for download, as are the installers for BasiliskII. This allows PC users to try out the emulator with the Accordance demo at no cost.

Unicode Resources (2/12/05)

Joe Weaks is posting on his Biblioblog excellent articles that introduce and explain Unicode. We will be adding some information on exporting to Unicode to our Help pages shortly. Exporting Greek and Hebrew to Unicode avoids the problems of character substitutions in OS X applications, allows right-to-left entry in applications that support it, and makes the text readable on any platform (including Windows) or program that has the Unicode fonts, without access to Accordance or any other specific font.

Accordance Logo Merchandise (10/19/04)

Several users have wanted shirts with the Accordance logo, to demonstrate their enthusiasm and "spread the word." Now you have the chance to get merchandise with either the classic logo or the new website banner designs, for yourself or as a gift. Simply go to http://www.cafepress.com/accordance to view the selections and place your order. These products and sales are handled entirely by Cafepress.com using our artwork. Please direct all inquiries to them and not to us.

Free Accordance Desktops (9/29/04)

In response to several requests we have posted the new artwork from this website as desktop-sized JPEG files, so you can customize your Mac to match the software. Many thanks to our designers Chad and Daniela.

New CD-ROMs and Modules (12/1/04)

  • Scholar's Collection 6.4 CD-ROM with these new modules:
    • GNT Westcott & Hort (tagged)....$30
    • GNT Tischendorf (tagged)....$30
    • Josephus Greek (untagged)....$40
    • Targums English Translation (currently Onkelos)....$50
    • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke)....$50
    • LXX Grammar (Conybeare and Stock) free with LXX
    • Latin Dictionary free with VULG
    • Biblical Aramaic Dictionary (Cook) free with BDB
  • And major upgrades to these modules:
    • Targums Aramaic (tagged) now includes Onkelos, Neofiti, Pseudo-Jonathan, and Jonathan....$100
    • Greek Pseudepigrapha (tagged) now includes all 51 books....$100
    • Greek New Testament NA27 (tagged) now with paragraphs, styling, and cross references....$50
  • Biblical World in Pictures CD-ROM....$179
    • 1300 photos from the Biblical Archaeology Society with extensive notes on each picture.
  • Catholic Collection CD-ROM....$149
    • A collection of important Catholic texts and documents in Latin and English.
  • NT Apparatus CD-ROM with
    • CNTTS Apparatus, first installment with a full textual apparatus of the readings of various manuscripts for all four Gospels, and advanced search capabilities....$150
  • Theological Journal Library CD-ROM volume 6....$49
    • Adds four new journals and additional issues for nine of the journals already on TJL volume 5. It adds to, but does not replace, the journals in volume 5.
  • Bible Unlock CD-ROM with these new modules:
    • Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) with Notes and Bullets....$30
    • NET Group (New English Translation with NET study notes and maps)....$30
    • Spanish Navarra with Study Notes (NAVARRA)....$40
    • Dutch Statenvertaling Bible (STATEN)....$30
    • Swedish 1917 Bible (SWED17)....$30
    • and untagged original texts GNT-NA, BHS, and LXX-R.

Release of HCSB, updates to NET and TJL 5 (10/14/04)

We are pleased to announce:

  • Holman Christian Standard Bible ....$30
  • NET Bible and Notes version beta 2 ....$30
    The second release adds many corrections to the translation and notes, many more notes, and a new map section with stunning satellite images never before included in any Bible. This release is not on a separate CD-ROM, but is an unlockable group of modules, available only from OakTree. The upgrade is FREE to current owners of the first release. Others can purchase the unlock code for the group for $30.
  • Theological Journal Library volume 1-5, release 2 ....$99, upgrade ...$10
    The second release has many minor corrections to the text, but covers the same content as the first release. It has a new installer with version 6.3. The upgrade is $10 for users who have the first release (of Mac version 5) and Accordance 6.3 or higher.

Major New Releases (7/19/04)

  • BAR Archive: Biblical Archaeology Review Archive CD-ROM
    At your fingertips—every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review from 1975 to 2003. More than 1,600 articles and 8,000 breathtaking photos, maps, drawings and charts. Also includes five BAS books. A must for every teacher and student of the Bible: ....Only $125
  • Waltke Hebrew: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, by Bruce K. Waltke and Michael Patrick O’Connor....$50

Accordance and The GRAMCORD Institute (2/5/04)

The longstanding relationship between The GRAMCORD Institute and OakTree Software came to an end on December 31, 2003. OakTree is no longer distributing the GRAMCORD GNT and other materials proprietary to the Institute, and the Institute is no longer distributing the Accordance CD-ROMs, program, and modules. OakTree has arranged licenses for the core original language texts from the various parties responsible for those databases. Current users of Accordance can continue to make full use of all their modules, but in the future must turn to OakTree for upgrades and new modules.

We would like to thank Paul Miller and The GRAMCORD Institute for all the support they have given to Accordance and our users during the past 10 years.

Compubiblia CD-ROM Installers (12/31/03)

We have now posted installers for the Compubiblia para Mac CD-ROM with version 5.8 which is compatible with Accordance 5.7 and 6.

Ahora ya tenemos disponibles instaladores para el CD-ROM Compubiblia para Mac con la versión 5.8, que es compatible con Accordance 5.7 y 6.

Accordance Version 6 (11/29/03)

OakTree Software announces the release of Version 6 of Accordance -- a whole new look with many exciting features. It is available as a download (for a nominal fee) and on these CD-ROMs:

  • The Essential IVP Reference Collection with an outstanding collection of dictionaries and commentaries from InterVarsity Press.
  • Bible Unlock CD-ROM with almost all our English and foreign Bibles including new Amplified, God's Word and German Gute Nachricht Bibel available for unlocking.

Spanish Version 5.8 (11/29/03)

Thanks to Rubén Gómez we now have a localized Spanish version of Accordance that is compatible with version 5.7 and above, and with the Timeline. The Help files and Tutorial are updated and include the Atlas and Timeline. This version is available for download for OS versions 7.1 through OS X. Accordance 5.8-es is a free upgrade from 5.4-es (the version on the Compubiblia CD-ROM). Other users may purchase the unlocking code for 5.8-es for $29. The Tutorial and Mini-manual are also available separately as PDF files.

Gracias a Rubén Gómez disponemos de una versión de Accordance totalmente traducida al español y plenamente compatible con las versiones 5.7 o superior, así como con la Cronología bíblica. Los archivos de Ayuda y el Tutorial han sido actualizados e incluyen secciones sobre el Atlas y la Cronología. Esta versión está disponible para su descarga para todos los sistemas operativos, desde Mac OS 7.1 hasta Mac OS X. Accordance 5.8-es es una actualización gratuita para quienes ya dispongan de la versión 5.4-es (la que se incluye en el CD-ROM Compubiblia para Mac). El resto de usuarios puede adquirir el código de desbloqueo de la versión 5.8-es al precio de $29. El Tutorial y el Manual Básico también están disponible como archivos PDF independiente.

Vea nuestra página en español.

New Releases and Updates (6/16/03)

The Message: Eugene Peterson's best selling paraphrasing translation is now available for download....$30 (requires version 5.7).

The Dake Reference Library, Macintosh Version....$119 (upgrade available for users with the Dake module on Library 4 or 5). From Dake Publishing, the Dake Annotated Reference Bible together with Dake's other works and a basic set of Bible Study tools.

Free updates to recent releases (updaters require version 5.7):

BDAG with corrections to scripture links
TARG-T with corrected text and tagging
NIBC the scripture quotations are now in a separate field.

Accordance 5.7 Upgrade (3/6/03)

We are now recommending this upgrade for all users with version 5. However, once you upgrade, all the files in the Accordance folder will no longer be compatible with earlier versions of Accordance, and all earlier installers will not work correctly. Please read the Warning carefully BEFORE upgrading to 5.7.

This upgrade corrects almost every known bug since version 5.0, including the problems with double-clicking files in OS X and the error in saved window panes in 5.6. There is a significant upgrade to the Parallel window (from 5.5), and updated Help and Tutorial files.

There are FREE downloadable updaters (Accordance and Help files) for anyone with version 5.x on any system including OS X (Carbon), minimum 7.1. (A CD-ROM with the updaters and installers is $5.)

Long Anticipated TWOT! (2/6/03)

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT) (12 MB)....$70
This popular work includes scholarly discussions of every Old Testament Hebrew word of theological significance with extensive bibliography, plus brief definitions of all other words found in BDB. Edited by R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, Jr., and Bruce K. Waltke and published in 1980.

The TWOT is available on the Bible Reference CD-ROM release 2, and as a downloadable module for $70.

Spanish Website (12/5/02)

Courtesy of Rubén Gómez: New web site offering all sorts of information, tips and faqs for current and would-be users of Compubiblia para Mac, the all-Spanish localization of Accordance Bible Software.

Página no oficial de Compubiblia para Mac -- Una nueva página web que ofrece todo tipo de información, consejos y respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes relacionadas con esta nueva versión, totalmente española, de Accordance Bible Software. De gran interés para usuarios de Compubiblia para Mac y Accordance, así como para todos aquellos que deseen saber más sobre este fantástico programa.

Compubiblia para Mac (7/12/02)

United Bible Societies have released this new CD-ROM containing a Spanish version of the Accordance software with two Spanish study Bibles, additional translations and study aids, and untagged Greek and Hebrew texts.... only $45

Español: Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas ha lanzado este nuevo CD-ROM que contiene la versión española del software Accordance con dos Biblias de estudio castellanas y otras Biblias y obras complementarias, así como el texto bíblico griego y hebreo sin códigos morfológicos.... por sólo $45

New CD-ROM NOT on Accordance (6/11/02)

Kaufmann Mishna Codex on CD-ROM: A reproduction of the 1929 facsimile published by Georg Beer. The Kaufmann Codex is recognized as the earliest and most accurate Mishna manuscript. The high quality images are linked to an index and can be opened with any browser or JPEG viewer. Windows and Mac compatible. Individual edition $249.

KB Price Reduction (6/11/02)

The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament
With the publication of the two volume Study Edition of this work, Brill announced a cut in the price of the CD-ROM edition. The Mac version (with Accordance) is now published by OakTree and priced at $159, and includes Aramaic Volume 5. This standard modern English dictionary for Biblical Hebrew is based on the third edition of the Lexicon of Koehler and Baumgartner, widely acclaimed as the most up-to-date complete dictionary for the Old Testament and related literature. Owners of the first release may contact your original supplier for a free upgrade.