Free Trial Demo

Free Trial

Full working demo of Accordance 9.5

Try out Accordance 9.5 for yourself, with full modules and almost all the features enabled!

The demo download now includes the full Starter modules as well as samples of the core original language texts, and the complete new Help files.

The OS X version requires OS X 10.4.9 or above. It will run in Spanish, German, or Portuguese, if the System is set to that language.

The 68K version comes in three files and will run on any Mac Classic system from 7.5 to 9, including the BasiliskII emulator for Windows or Linux, and in Classic on OS X to 10.3.

The demo quits after each 60 minutes of use (but can be restarted) and has a few other limitations.

OS X (10.4 and up)

Classic OS 9, 8, or 7
or PC with Emulator

Accordance 9.5 68K Demo ZIP (45 MB) with Read me First

Accordance 9 68K Demo Completer .SIT (additional modules) (54.5 MB)

Accordance Help ZIP (31 MB)

Once you have the demo up and running, follow along with the video below to walk through a sample Bible study of Genesis 1 in Accordance.

For more training videos on how to use Accordance, go to our Podcast Page.