Other Downloads

Other Downloads

PC Emulator

This emulator allows you to run Macintosh OS 7.5 on a Windows PC. Please see this page for details.

Be sure to first download the detailed manual for the emulator with Accordance.
For Windows 2000, XP, or Vista: download BasiliskII.exe.

Module Updates

Downloadable updates for Atlas version 2, and the Mac Bibel Bibliothek CD-ROM.

Please see the Upgrades page for details of upgrading other modules.

Atlas Version 2.2 Updates (June 08)

All these files are for the Atlas Version 2 only, the Satellite background will crash Accordance if you attempt to open it before upgrading the Atlas.


OS 9, 8 or 7
or PC with Emulator

This file restores the Seven Churches custom site layer. Unstuff it and place it in your Accordance folder, AFTER deleting Accordance Map settings from the Accordance settings ƒ folder (if present) and Maps from BOTH Accordance Preferences folders (in your user/Library and your Accordance folder). This will replace any customization you may have added to the map layers.
The Atlas updater will update your Map data, Place Names, and Sites to the release versions of Atlas 2.2. It requires Accordance version 7.4.2. The version of the Atlas may not seem to change, to confirm the upgrade you can search it for Patmos, or check that Sites is now version 4.0. April 08

If your Satellite background in Just for Fun is dated 7/24/05, you can download an improved copy. Jan 06

Mac Bibel Bibliothek: Corrects errors in the scrolling and hypertexting of the Menge Bible pastoral epistles, and in all the Bible Notes to Matthew and Mark. Posted Sept 14, 06. These updates are now available in Check for Updates in versions 8 and up.

OS X for versions 6-7

OS 9, 8 or 7
or PC with Emulator

Bibliothek installer.dmg (13 MB)

Bibliothek installer 68K.sit (11.7 MB)

CD-ROM Installers

Zondervan Bible Study Suite Installers

These installers allow you to install the three Zondervan Bible Study Suite for Macintosh CD-ROMs in OS 10.3.9 and above. Each DMG file includes an installer and instructions. Each installer requires the correct CD-ROM to be in the drive during installation.

Dake Annotated Reference Bible

This installer allows you to install the contents of this CD-ROM into version 8 of Accordance. It requires version 8 of Accordance on the hard drive, and the CD-ROM in the drive during installation.

Older Installers

The "File Type" of the program and modules was changed in version 5.7. This is done automatically for all modules that are already installed, but older installers (before February 2003) will no longer work correctly once you have a newer version. These installers let you install an older CD-ROM in OS X and to add the contents to a newer version of Accordance.

To use the installer, download the file to your hard drive, insert the CD-ROM and run the new installer. All the instructions on the CD-ROM will still apply except that new files will be added to your Modules folder instead of the New Modules folder.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us.

Please see the Upgrades page for details of upgrading other CD-ROMs.

NIV Study Bible Complete Library Installer for OS X

This installer requires you to have OS X, Accordance 8 on your hard drive, and the NIV Study Bible Complete Library CD-ROM in the drive. It will add all the NIV Complete modules to your current Accordance folder and program.

Download NIV Complete Installer.zip 17 MB

Compubiblia para Mac with Accordance 5.8es

This installer requires the Compubiblia para Mac CD-ROM. Please see the Install page for details. An upgrade is available to the Biblioteca Hispana.


OS 9

OS 8 or 7
or PC with Emulator