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Help Topic: Accordance Forum

If you have never used a message board, it may take you a little while to learn your way around.

The board is divided into Forums with separate areas for discussions on different overall subjects. Anyone may view and search the topics, but you must register and log in to post a new topic or a reply.

Once you log in you can post replies and new topics (but please first search for other entries on the subject).

You can subscribe to entire Forums or to individual topics and receive either an email each time there is a new post, or a daily or weekly digest.

Click My Controls to explore the personal settings that let you customize your profile, signature, subscriptions, and many other options.

Click My Assistant for quick links to new topics and other features.

If you have problems registering on the Forum, or if this and the other Help topics do not answer your questions, please email us at forums(at)accordancebible.com.