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Someone Proficient with Mellel and Sente Please Assist

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Posted Yesterday, 05:03 PM

I'm trying to convert my college's Word template into Mellel format. I've just about got it, but I need a little bit of assistance getting it cleaned up the way it needs to be.


See attached documents. I've also included the version of it in Word so you can see how it should look.


I believe the main thing I need to do is center the text on the title page correctly, and I believe it'll be all set. I'm not 100% sure if the spacing on a couple of the pages is correct, but I believe it is.


Also, should I turn any of the headings in the paper template into auto-titles? Would I benefit from converting those into auto-titles?


Also, for someone proficient in Sente, here's what I need help with. I showed the "Turabian via CSL" template in Sente to my English professor at my college. He said here's the adjustments that need to be done to make the Turabian citations accurate (see below).


Can someone walk me through how to make these necessary edits in Sente, or can someone build a template file in Sente and send it to me? I've been trying to work on it this afternoon, but I do not fully understand how to use Sente's style editor. I've also got a ticket in with the company to learn more how to use it, but I haven't heard back from them yet. My college library is also trying to take a crack at it.






1) It's usually best to put the author first in a citation, not the editor or translator. See the examples in your Turabian manual, page 167.

2) In a footnote, provide the first and last name of the authors, editors, etc. Don't drop the first name.
3) Also in a footnote, include the same information that you include in your Works Cited. The footnote should not be shorter than the Works Cited entry. 
4) In a Works Cited entry, you should only type the title of the source one time. If you feel like it's necessary to type the title twice, then somewhere in your citation there's a problem. Probably a few elements are out of order. If you put the elements in their proper order, there shouldn't be any necessity to repeat the title.   
5) A footnote sets the publishing information in parenthesis, like this ---- (City: Publisher, Year)

Is Sente a citation generator, or does it just store citations that you've typed in manually? If the former, I wouldn't trust it. For example, consider your Eucalyptus Tree citation. Here's how I would cite the source in footnote format (note that my indentations might get messed up in translation from my email account to yours):

    Susan D. White, Michael Stomper, and Michael Hepburn, Biochemical Properties of the Eucalyptus Tree, ed. Edward Wright and Matthew Adam Scripps, trans. Manny L'Engle and Lynn Guine (New York: Columbia UP, 1926), 2:943-949. 

Here's how I would cite the same source in a list of Works Cited:

White, Susan D., Michael Stomper, and Michael Hepburn. Biochemical Properties of the Eucalyptus Tree. Edited by 
    Edward Wright and Matthew Adam Scripps. Translated by Manny L'Engle and Lynn Guine. New York: Columbia UP,     1926, 2:943-949.



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