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Organizing Bible Verses with Tags (Categories)

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#1 mwooten777



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Posted 24 August 2013 - 04:32 PM

I'm preparing a series on "The Work of the Holy Spirit," and obviously, there are a lot of verses to work through. I have several categories, or buckets, in my mind, such as:


- Old Testament
- Salvation
- Sanctification
- Fruit of the Spirit
- etc.


Is there a way to collect verses and then "tag" those verses with the categories? For example, for one verse I might apply the tag OT, another might be applicable to both OT and SALVATION, etc.


I'm talking about tagging verses exactly the way we can use "topic tags" for forum posts!


Thanks for the help!


#2 Joel Brown

Joel Brown


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Posted 24 August 2013 - 04:50 PM

Mark, you have two options here I can think of:


1) Use highlighting.  You can define your own set of Highlighting styles using Display -> Define Highlighting Styles to mark each of your different tags.  You could even put them in a distinct highlighting file to not get in the way of other highlighting you may want to do.  Once you have your styles set up, just select a portion of the verse you want to tag (could even be a space or something) and highlight it.  Then, anytime you want to find any verses tagged with a style, just search [STYLE (your style name)].  So something like [STYLE Salvation] to find all Salvation tagged verses.


2) Use user notes.  You could create a user note on each verse you want to tag, specifying the tagging at the beginning (or anywhere within the verse). Then, from the User Notes tab you could search for the tag you want to find.


Personally, I like #1 better, but its up to you.  A more 'pure' tagging system (like the topic tags) has been requested multiple times, so hopefully it'll come around sooner rather than later :)

Joel Brown

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#3 mwooten777



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Posted 24 August 2013 - 08:39 PM

Thanks, Joe. I like your first suggestion, too. Hopefully a true tagging system will happen at some point. Thanks!

#4 Steve King

Steve King


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Posted 25 August 2013 - 03:13 AM

Unless this has changed in recent upgrades be aware that the maximum number of different highlight categories you can have in one highlight file is 100. So if your desired number of 'tags' is likely to go beyond this you need to think carefully how you organise the highlights because you may have to go across multiple highlight files.

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