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Is a one-way 'tie' possible?

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#1 Matt Fredenburg

Matt Fredenburg


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Posted 13 October 2013 - 06:01 AM


  Let us say I have opened up the ESVS and have amplified to the ESV Study Bible tool. Let us further say I have changed the search context from 'TITLE' to 'REFERENCE' and then right-clicked on the ESV Study Bible tab and selected 'Tab ties->Tie to "ESVS"'. What I have accomplished is that when I scroll in ESVS, the ESV Study Bible moves along with me, which is great! If I scroll in the ESV Study Bible tab, then the ESVS display also updates which is great sometimes, but is not so great at other times for the following reason:


Let us say that I'm in 1 John 2:18, and in the ESV Study Bible note it tells me that I should look at the notes for Acts 2:17. When I click on Acts 2:17 in the ESV Study Bible I get taken to the note for Acts 2:17 in the ESV Study Bible, but additionally, the text in the ESVS tab also changes. What'd I'd like is for the text in a 'tied' tool (e.g. ESV Study Bible) to be driven by either the text (e.g. ESVS) or by my explicitly moving through it, but the text (e.g. ESVS) to be only driven by my explicitly moving through it. The problem is that sometimes there's multiple 'see notes on ...' in succession, and then to get back to where I was in the text (e.g. ESVS), I have to click the 'Move to prior location ' repeatedly in order to get both my text (e.g. ESVS) and my tool (e.g. ESV Study Bible) back to where I had started, but if my text (e.g. ESVS) had not moved as I clicked through the tool (e.g. ESV Study Bible), then in order to get back to where I wanted in the tool (e.g. ESV Study Bible) I could either a. click repeatedly on the 'Move to prior location' button, or b. simply scroll within the text (e.g. ESVS).





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#2 Abram K-J

Abram K-J


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Posted 13 October 2013 - 06:57 AM

I think this has been requested before in the forums. Totally agreed--one-way tab tie would be a good addition to Accordance.

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#3 John Fidel

John Fidel


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Posted 13 October 2013 - 08:36 AM

What I have done to allow me to review the study bible and commentaries without having the base text change is as follows:

1. Create a new workspace

2. Open ESV Study bible and other commentaries

3. Save the workspace as "Favorite Commentaries" or something similar

4. Open the library and add the workspace.


Now open your bible text, highlight the verse you are working on amplify to the "Favorite Commentaries" workspace. Each resource will open to the verse in question, if there is an entry and allow you to move around without impacting your bible text verse. You then go back to your main workspace and continue studying.'


This technique works with Dictionaries and Grammars as well.

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