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understanding the help files

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#1 johnburnett



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Posted 07 April 2014 - 04:16 PM

I am trying to understand the help files. I have never really gotten how the 'recycle tab' feature works, so i thought i'd look it up. There i read, for example, 
"a tab would be recycled if you amplified the word "light" to the KJV" 
Now what does this mean? I'm **IN** the KJV. Why would I want to go **TO** the KJV?

I have selected the word "light" in KJV. What i think i want to do now is "amplify" that word, that is, get other associated data that resides in some other tool. I could understand "amplifying *TO* that tool". But the help file is telling me about amplifying the word "TO" the KJV. 
No no no! I already have the word highlighted *IN* the KJV! Why would i want to amplify "TO" the KJV??!

I want to amplify the word "IN" the KJV, by going "TO" the other tool. But you have me going "TO" the KJV, which makes no sense at all. Hello?? Accordance?? WTF??!!
Well, going "TO" the other tool seems to be what is implied, in fact, in the next line on the help page, where it says, "if you subsequently amplified FROM a verse reference", because i naturally assume that if i go "from" something, then I'm going "to" something else. But no! The help file continues, "....FROM a verse reference [—which, mind you, I have found **IN** the KJV—] TO the same text version", which is utterly confusing. Why would I amplify TO the same text when I'm already there??
But then the next point in the help file talks about what would happen if i 'amplified FROM the word "light" TO a different text or module', which on my theory that that if i go "from" something, then I'm going "to" something else, makes perfect sense. I would hypothetically be highlighting the word in KJVS and going TO a different text or module; that would be a good description of what i want to do.
In the end, though, I have not been able to figure out what the "recycle" feature does and i've just spent 15 minutes writing to you about the unintelligible gibberish on your help page. 

#2 Joel Brown

Joel Brown


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Posted 07 April 2014 - 05:40 PM

John, I'm sorry this isn't making any sense to you!  Let me try and clarify this a little bit for you.


To answer your first question, if you are in the KJV, why would you want to go to the KJV?  Well, what if you are reading a verse (say Psalm 1:1) and you find the word 'counsel' very interesting.  If you select that word, then select KJV from your Library, it will open a new KJV tab containing a search for counsel.  This is amplifying both *from* and *to* the KJV.  Remember, in Accordance an Amplify is extremely flexible!  You can go essentially from anything to anything.  Maybe you are going from your commentary to KJV?  Or maybe from KJV to a English dictionary (Eastons, Anchor, etc.) and then from that dictionary, back to the KJV.  Anyway, I digress.


After you have finished amplifying 'counsel' to your new KJV tab, lets say you like the idea of quickly searching the KJV for a word.  You can leave that tab open, make sure recycle is enabled, and then any other things you amplify to the KJV will go to this preferred tab of yours.


Conversely, lets say you really like the search on counsel and don't want to get rid of it.  But, you still want to amplify other words to the KJV.  In this case, turn *off* the recycle icon, so your counsel search is not recycled, but a new KJV tab instead.


I hope this makes some sense!  Let me know if you have any more questions.

Joel Brown

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