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Accordance 11.0.5 Update Details (WINDOWS)

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Posted 28 April 2015 - 03:07 PM

Improved export capabilities, updated colors, report topic corrections, and many improvements and fixes across the board.

New Features
  • Copy as Citation and Copy as Bibliography is now supported directly from the Research tab
  • Get Verses can now automatically insert the currently selected text or reference in the front app.
  • Report a Correction for Topics is now accessible in the Enter Topics dialog, and the Info Pane right click
Changes and Improvements
  • Added two new default Colors and reordered the color menu
  • Added Copy As Citation and Copy as Bibliography to the Right-click menu for Research
  • Removed 2nd Aorist, 2nd Perfect, and 2nd Pluperfect tags, as no texts use these tags anymore
  • Verse references are highlighted for all contexts > 0, rather than just All context
  • Collapsed/minimized Windows are given the appropriate status in the Windows menu, like hidden ones are
  • When cycling through pictures, if in a popover, the cycled pictures will be the relevant pictures from the search or research
  • Improved autoscroll interaction and options
  • When installing a replacement or upgrade, the replaced item is moved to the bottom of its folder in the Library
  • Instant Details on an original text shows key number subtags, if present
  • Tool Table of Contents now replace tabs with spaces for better rendering
  • Errors occurring during User Bible import now show better location information
  • Added Disable Dropbox and Disable Auto-updates to Safe Mode options
  • Improved Instant Details display of Syntax Speech description
  • All Library folders now open or close all subfolders upon alt-click
  • Slideshow mode now requires only the active window to have one zone, rather than all open windows
  • Right-click on an existing user note icon gives options to add notes to other user notes files
  • Added support for Hebrew 'Shin' and 'Sin' when using Israeli keyboard
  • Support for liturgical based devotionals
  • Improved error logging for debugging purposes
  • Updated help files
Bug fixes
  • Fixed extra 'Add Notes' button on User Tool tabs
  • Fixed crash when editing a new note on a tool, if there is no location selected
  • Fixed ID display of inflected words with multiple superscripts
  • Fixed inability to do certain control+ non-alphabetic key combinations
  • Fixed offset 'T' and other title marker locations on the Edit User Tool window
  • Fixed missing zone color icons on the menu
  • Fixed crash on Dropbox Sync before Quit
  • Fixed simultaneous Research searches to support more than 2 at a time
  • Fixed crash when loading a daily reading for tools that don't have daily readings
  • Fixed infinite cycle crashes of INFER and HITS
  • Fixed missing characters when getting Tool Notes title excerpts
  • Fixed crash after Check for Updates
  • Fixed Human Readable names to always get the most up-to-date version
  • Significant changes and improvements to the entry, rendering, and handling of right to left and mixed direction unicode text
  • Fixed diagram items not appearing at the exact drop location from the palette
  • Fixed crash when clicking on an empty workspace, if the toolbar search field had focus
  • Fixed Research crash when searching old modules for punctuation or brackets
  • Fixed bug when pasting into the toolbar search field, it pastes into an entry box as well
  • Fixed Research display of certain text excerpts that corrupted the output
  • Fixed occasional crash after drag and drop of a tab
  • Fixed crash when loading a session with tab link name conflicts
  • Fixed Info pane rendering after a batch resize
  • Fixed font bar recent fonts to show the proper checked item
  • Fixed ability to click the 'OK' button when in the Define Site Layers dialog
  • Fixed Copy as Interlinear to properly load interlinear information for all verses
  • Fixed editing a user note for an unknown verse to show the 'Choose Verse' dialog
  • Fixed right-click Lookup Dictionary from an analysis tab
  • Fixed crash with invalid TOPIC search entries
  • Fixed crash when copying certain rows of a Word Chart tab
  • Fixed Quick Entry handling of negation sign
  • Fixed Shift-alt click to add/remove range from Tool Table of Contents
  • Fixed error messages when looking up Atlas and Timeline dictionary information in the instant details
  • Fixed superscript export during Citation and Get Verses
  • Fixed Get Verses export to maintain style information
  • Fixed ability to amplify to User Tool or User Note
  • Favorite workspaces are better maintained between sessions
  • Fixed instant details interaction during a Slideshow
  • Fixed scrolling by thumb in an Atlas or Timeline tab
  • Fixed Edit windows to not be too narrow when over a small pane
  • Fixed Bar Chart rendering for small zones
  • Fixed drop marker when creating a new tab, if the tab area is hidden
  • Fixed bug that added extra lines in between notes when resolving conflicts
  • Fixed crash when attempting to access Get Verses if its been disabled
  • Fixed installation of items that have multiple special characters
  • Many other misc. bug fixes

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