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Creating a link in MS Word

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#1 Larry Wing

Larry Wing


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Posted Today, 11:19 AM

I'm trying to better understand linking from other programs and have tried to set up a link in MS Word on Windows 7 computer.


I have copied and pasted the sample URIs in the help file into Word but am stuck there.  When I try to make it a hyperlink a dialog box opens for me to physically point it to some location, which doesn't seem correct to me.


Can someone explain how to set up a link to call Accordance from Word or if this is even possible.


Thank you.

#2 Daniel Semler

Daniel Semler


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Posted Today, 08:22 PM

Hey Larry,


  I've not tried this from Word but I checked out its URI dialog briefly this morning. It's basically the same as LibreOffice or Zotero. I suspect most editors do it this way. There is the text you highlight in your doc and there is the link (URL it points to). In the dialog that opens the thing you pasted into the document is the text that shows in the document rather than the link (yes even if it is the link). The link (or target to use LibreOffice terminology) is what will open when you click on the text. So the simple thing to do in the dialog is make the target the same as the text. Just copy and paste it in there. In the Word dialog it look fairly complicated because they include a file finder dialog in it as well. I think this is just so you can create a link to another file.


  Looking at an image of the Word dialog box, the text in the document is called "Text to display". The target is called "Address". Confusingly there is a file finder in between them but you can ignore it.


  Once you have this in your doc, a simple ctrl-click should cause the link to open in Accordance.




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