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Font issues w/6.6 and Tiger

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Posted 26 June 2005 - 10:18 AM

One of the issues is that using Font Book is really a requirement now with Tiger. I started a thread in "Mainly Macontosh" about this.

The short of it is: Always use FontBook to install the fonts. :D

I have rebooted several times, installed 6.6 a few times (because I added modules) and if the font, such as, MSS doesn't show in FontBook as installed and activated, I had problems seeing the font.

My testing was done on OS X-only systems. I do not have OS 9 (or Classic mode) installed to test. However, OS X searches the Font directories in Classic as a last resort. I would postulate that if the font isn't "installed and activivated" in FontBook and you have fonts lying around in OS 9/Classic folders, you may have a problem. The font would show up as a standard font, but you would not be able to use OS X font services or smoothing.

Here are my findings...

As Apple was preparing Tiger, Apple started hinting in the Font Management docs about using FontBook for font management. In each subsequent revision, the hinting was stronger and the mention of manual management was removed by revision 3 of the doc.

I have a folder called "Ancient Language" which contains 10 folders each containing fonts from different vendors, such as, SBL, SP, etc. In adidtion, I have a folder called "Manuscript" for text fonts.

In Panther, I could copy the folders over to Library/Fonts (didn't matter ~user or /) and had no problems.

With Tiger, if I copied the folders it took some time, possible a reboot and/or "just looking at the font w/FontBook" before the fonts became available.

If I open FontBook and select the folders from Ancient Language" (which inlcudes about 25 fonts) drop them on FontBook's collection pane, a new collection is created and all the fonts are installed and activiated. At this point, ALL programs (Pages, TextEdit, Word, Mellel, etc.) see all the fonts immediately. No reboot, nudging or waiting.

So, in Tiger, always use FontBook to install and manage fonts.

Check that the Accordance fonts are installed and activiated in FontBook. If the font does not show up in the "all fonts" collection, it may work or work inconssitently depending on how the application is getting its font list. Pages, TextEdit uses the standard Apple font services; Word does not.

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