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Conjunctions in Romans

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#1 WomanoftheHouse



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Posted Yesterday, 09:11 AM

Hi, I'm trying to help my dh here and we're stuck on the conjunction alla in Romans 8:20- 21.  So Accordance says it's a coordinating conjunction, which means it should be linking parallel structures, yes?  Do any of our tools in Accordance enlighten us to WHAT the parallel structures are that it's joining??  The word translated "willingly" in the ESV is an adjective in the nominative, meaning it's modifying the subject, yes?  So even though the ESV translates it like an adverb and even though you have a prepositional phrase (because of him who subjected it, which is a prep plus participle in the greek) that seems to be functioning adverbially, they wouldn't be parallel and joined with the coord conjunction alla because the one is an adjective modifying the subject and the other is an adverbial prepositional phrase using a participle, yes??


Or is it that alla is in fact connecting the previous whole thought (creation was subjected to futility) with the parallel thought in the next verse (creation itself will be set free)?  But then what about the subord cmpl conjunction oti there??  


We've gone around in circles on this, and surely there's some obvious answer.  So one, what is the answer, lol, and two was there a tool in Accordance that would have gotten him the answer?  


Thank you!

#2 Mark Allison

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Posted Yesterday, 09:22 AM

The Greek Diagrams module is one option:



We also have the Grammatical Syntax add-on for the Greek New Testament:



Both are shown in the attached screenshot.Screen%20Shot%202015-08-27%20at%2010.19.

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#3 WomanoftheHouse



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Posted Yesterday, 09:36 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#4 Ken Simpson

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Posted Yesterday, 04:14 PM

Just remember that the diagrams and the syntaxing are someone’s (albeit a very clever someone’s) reading of what is happening. Even in the syntaxing module.

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