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How Do U Search for Words in Journal Articles?

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#1 Enoch



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Posted Yesterday, 10:56 AM

I have asked this before, but looking over the answers I got, I still do not understand., neither do those answers seem consistent with the current version of Accordance.   I was wanting to search the Journal Article titles for articles on the topic of "superscriptions," not superscriptions of the Psalms, not superscription above Christ's head on the cross, but superscriptions on New Testament books, trying to determine if the oldest manuscripts have them (e.g. how many of the papyri have something like "Gospel according to Luke," and how many lack superscription -- or lack a title at the end of a document also -- and to obtain arguments that the original manuscripts had superscriptions or lacked them.  Was there an equivalent to "The Epistle of Paul to the Apostle Pistol" on the earliest extant manuscripts?  What is the history of the superscriptions to epistles?  Has no one ever written a journal article on this subject?


I searched journals using the (well-hidden) Research function.  I got a list of word strings that contain ""superscription" or "superscriptions," mostly from the text of articles, not from the titles.  The drop-down menu allows choices of English, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Verses, Image, and Unicode.  There is no choice of Title.  There is another drop down menu with Research as Rename tab, Close Tab, Duplicate Tab, Recycle Contents -- other choices are greyed out.  In the tool bar under Search, there are 2 choices:

Search for, and Define range, other choices are greyed out.


Help will be gratefully appreciated.


As I now think of it, I should also check the Accordance supplied Greek manuscripts to see if they include superscriptions or are omitted for some reason.

And I may take a look at Leningrad Codex and the Aleppo Codex to see what superscriptions they may have before Hebrew books of the Bible.  I am also interested in any journal articles on that subject as well.



#2 Mark Allison

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Posted Yesterday, 11:13 AM

While you can't specify a search in the title field using the Research tab, the results are sorted by importance, with the initial results indicating hits in the Title field, followed by hits in the English Content field.


Note that you can also use search commands in the Research tab, so something like this superscription* <AND> (codex, manuscript*, nt) might help narrow your search.



#3 Enoch



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Posted Yesterday, 02:37 PM

And I note that you got superscription articles on Psalms, precisely what I did not want, informational static!  But as hard as it seems to believe, perhaps in the Accordance collection of journals there is no article on my topic.  Your results look about the same as what I got, for the first two items.  And am I wrong, but it looks to me like you did not bring up an article with "superscription(s)" in the title of the article.  But hope is not lost.  When I did a google on my topic, at once I got a good article or treatis on the topic.  And it may be that the treatis was not a journal article, tho I can't imagine any other practical way to publish it, except that with the internet now, you can self-publish.  And it appears that for the NT a title is included in manuscripts going back to our earliest manuscript possibilities, though there are a number of other ways that titles are indicated without being a superscription.  All this indicates to me that texts of the Greek NT published in software (or otherwise) are generally defective if the title is not included somehow; by superscription, subscription or whatever.  And there may need to be a critical apparatus on the title also.  Of course fragments may well lack a title.

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