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An exercise in practical textual criticism, or lacuna in the textus receptus

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#1 Alistair



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Posted 13 March 2008 - 06:27 AM

I was reading 1 Cor 15:58 in Clarke's commentary and it seems to have a bit missing.

The Accordance (aka Received) text reads:
A TABLE of the most remarkable FIXED STARS, from the FIRST to Observations on the preceding Table.

…Which doesn't actually have the table and appears to blend two headings into one.

Another website (http://www.godrules....larke1cor15.htm) read exactly the same as your module, as does the AGES library pdf document of this text, which makes me wonder if all three have been copied from the same common ancestor.

However, another source gives a different reading.
…has the following text: (NB formatting has been mangled from import)

A TABLE of the most remarkable FIXED STARS, from the FIRST to the SIXTH MAGNITUDE.
ͻ First Magnitude. Second Magnitude. ͹ In the mouth of Canis In the wing of Pegasus, Major, or the Greater (Algenib)....... γ Dog, (Sirius, or the In the head of the Dog-star....... α Phoenix,....... α Bright star in Lyra, In the tail of Cetus,. β or the Harp, (Wega In the girdle of or Vega)....... α Andromeda,...... β Bright Star in Bootes, In the Ram's following (Arcturus)...... α horn,......... α In the heart of Leo In the neck of Cetus,. ο Major, or the Great In the jaw of Cetus,.. α Lion, (Regulus)... α In the head of Medusa, In the left shoulder (Algol)........ β of Auriga, or the In Perseus' girdle,.. α Charioteer, (Capella) α In the northern horn of In the right foot of the Bull,....... β Orion, (Rigel).... β In Gemini, (Castor).. *α In the southern, or In Gemini, (Pollux).. *β left eye of the Bull, In Orion's shoulder,.. γ (Aldebaran)..... α In the belt of Orion,. δ In Eridanus, (Alnahar In the Dove,...... α or Acharnar)..... α In the female Hydra,.. α In the shoulder of In Ursa Major, (Upper Orion, (Betelgeuse). α Pointer)....... *α In the poop of the ship In Ursa Major, (Lower Argo, (Canopus)... α Pointer)....... β In the loins of Canis The Lion's tail, Minor, or the little (Denob)........ β Dog, (Procyon).... α In the Cross,..... β Bright star in the foot In the Dragon's tail.. α of the Cross,.... α In the Balance,.... α In the spike of the In the Balance,.... β Virgin,....... α In the Swan's tail... α In the foot of the In Pegasus, (Markab).. α Centaur....... α In Andromeda's head,.. α In the Scorpion's In the shoulder of heart, (Antares)... α Pegasus,....... β In the mouth of the In the Crane's wing,.. α south Fish, In the Eagle, (Atteer). *α (Fomalhaut)..... α In the ship Argo,... *β ͼ

etc etc Anyway, it gives the whole table of stars.

Which leads me to ask, which reading is more likely to be closer to the autograph?
Can the longer reading be trusted despite the lack of evidence for it, especially as the received text (i. e. the Accordance module) doesn't have it?
What is the source text used to create the Accordance module of Clarke's commentary?

#2 Helen Brown

Helen Brown


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Posted 13 March 2008 - 07:59 AM

I can at least answer the last question, as it says in About the text:

Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

Public Domain

Derived from an electronic text from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Formatted, hypertexted, and corrected by OakTree Software, Inc.
Helen Brown
OakTree Software

#3 countach



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Posted 13 March 2008 - 06:14 PM

As a budding scribe, my inclination is to include all the extra material I can find from these sources to make a conflate text.

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