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Need Some Accordance Advice

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#1 williamk



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Posted 29 April 2008 - 03:28 PM

I'm a longtime Accordance user, mainly using it as an electronic concordance and search engine. But I need to do something a bit different and wonder how some of the more advanced features might help me.

I need to undertake a long-term study of a topic that runs throughout Scripture and be able to record my findings. Beginning in Genesis I need to track (and record) everywhere this topic (not a keyword, but the topic) is found in the Bible, perhaps adding my own notes and copying the actual Scripture verses into the record. I had thought about using a rudimentary database program to record the topic's occurrences and to be able to search the database later, etc.

Are there tools in Accordance like the Notes feature (which I haven't used) in which one can build a lengthy study, which is searchable, etc?

Any ideas anyone has on how to use Accordance's features for such a lengthy study would be greatly appreciated.


William K.

#2 Sean R.

Sean R.


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Posted 29 April 2008 - 07:53 PM

I've only been using Accordance for a few weeks so far, but I have in that time used quite frequently the Notes feature. While others who are more experienced can probably give you more accurate and helpful input, I do think that the Notes feature may work for you.

Here's how I would use the User Notes feature for a topical study:

1. Start a new User Note.
2. Each time you find a relevant verse, click on its reference and choose "Edit User Note" from the Selection menu.
3. A note is opened tied to that verse—you could copy the actual verse or passage into the user note in addition to making your own comments. In addition to the link to the tied verse, you can add Scripture links for others verse you enter in the note.
4. The User Note will be arranged by Bible verse—you can search by content in addition to Scripture reference.

Each created note will be part of a single User Notes file, thus you can have a User Note dedicated to your study in addition to additional User Notes for other projects.

I imagine there would be some limitations (for example, no ability to sort other than by the Scripture each portion of the note is tied to).

Hopefully some others who are more experienced will offer their input.
Sean Reed

#3 Brent Lawrence

Brent Lawrence


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Posted 29 April 2008 - 11:17 PM

As Sean mentioned, the User Notes feature is a helpful option. I might, however, try setting up a User Tool which provides a bit more flexibility in how you access it. It also gives you some additional search options not available in User Notes. For quick Note taking, the User Notes is definitely a good choice, but a User Tool is going to give you some added functionality.

#4 John L Rutherford

John L Rutherford


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Posted 30 April 2008 - 12:43 PM

a User Tool is going to give you some added functionality.

I have to agree with Brent. A User Tool is more powerful and flexible than using Notes. With the User Tool you don't have to enter every Bible text, just put in the reference and the text will appear in the Instant Details window when you move your mouse over it. This alone will save you heaps of space and work. In addition you can paste significant Greek and Hebrew words and search the User Tool for those words. You can also search Bible texts, and of course any word within the User Tool. In addition you can set up chapters, headings and sub headings which will appear when you click on the triangle beside Browser - just as you would do with any other Accordance Tool. Go for it William!

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