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Accordance for iOS v1.4 Release Notes

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Posted 15 December 2011 - 10:32 PM

Accordance for iOS v1.4 Release Notes

General Improvements

• Text Selection Improvements
- A long press gesture within a text pane now brings up a magnifying view that can be dragged around to select and deselect words, verse references, and hyperlinks within the text pane. When the gesture is completed, an action menu or instant details view is displayed for the selected word, verse reference or hyperlink.

• New Text Selection Actions Menu
- In most cases selecting a word, verse reference, or (internal) hyperlink will now bring up an action menu view either by itself or as part of the instant details view. In all cases the option to copy the word to the system clipboard or highlight the word using the current set of highlights will be available. Additional actions may also be available depending on the selection. In most cases the additional actions include:

‣ SEARCH: Searches the current (main) module for the selected word. For text modules tagged with Strong’s numbers, further options to search by word or key number will be available. For grammatically text modules, further options to search by inflected, lemma, or root forms of the selection or by the grammatical information for the selected word will be available.

‣ AMPLIFY: Automatically searches through the list of installed modules of the appropriate type until relevant information about the selected word is found. Amplifying by word or key number is available for selected words in texts tagged with Strong’s numbers. Amplifying by inflected, lemma, or root form is available for selected words in grammatically tagged texts. If relevant information is found, a new search view is opened displaying the search results for the amplify action.

• Support for Accordance Module Packages
- Module packages like the new “Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar: 3rd Edition” that contain audio clip hyperlinks is fully supported in this release.

• Fixes Purging of Installed Modules on iOS 5.0.1 or later.
- iOS 5 introduced a new “feature” where certain folders inside of installed applications would be removed under low disk space conditions. One of these folders was where Accordance stored modules installed via Easy Install or syncing with Accordance for Mac. This version adopts the change recommended by Apple to prevent this purging from occurring while also preventing this content from being automatically backed up via iTunes or iCloud. Note that user generated content like user notes files, user tools, highlight files, and preferences will continue to be part of an iTunes or iCloud backup as before.

New Views

• Devotional View
- A new devotional view using calendar based modules has been added. When opened, the view uses the current date and time to choose the proper article within the module. The view includes a resizable second pane containing the text of any scripture references found within the current article. A tap on any scripture hyperlink in the devotional article will scroll the scripture pane to the selected verse reference. By default the scripture pane uses the first text module listed in the Library view. This can be changes by tapping on the text module name in the scripture pane and choosing a different text. (Note that the text module name only appears when using the devotional view in a portrait orientation.)

• Grid Style GoTo View
- A third style of verse chooser has been added for use in text and user note search views. It uses a grid layout for the book, chapter, and verses contained within a given module. The default GoTo view is user configurable in the “Text Module” section of the Settings>Display Settings view.

• Search History View
- A search history is now maintained for all open and recently opened search views. It can be accessed from the main search interface of any search view via the newly added button to the left of the search text field. Choosing a previous search from the search history will setup the search interface to perform the previous search.

Library View Changes

• Hierarchical Organization.
- The Library view now organized hierarchically by text and tool module type rather than using a single flat list broken into sections. Note that the search bar included at the top level of the Library view will search every section for installed modules.

• Recent Modules
- The Library view now contains a recent modules section. This section appears automatically when at least two modules have been opened from the Library during a user session. Once available, the Library view will open to the list of recent modules when accessed from any search or devotional view.

• Devotionals
- The Library view will now optionally contain a devotionals section. Certain general tool modules that contain calendar based information will appear in both the Devotionals and General Tools sections of the Library view. What type of view these modules are opened in (devotional view or tool search view) depends on which section of the Library is used to open the module.

• Editing
- The reordering and removal of installed modules is now performed on a section by section basis within the Library hierarchy.
- The creation of new user notes files has been moved from the Library view into the main user note adding or editing workflow.

Search View Changes

• Long Press Gesture added to Search Glass Button
- Brings up the search history view directly without having to open the main search interface first.

• Reading Button Removed
- This action has been replaced by selecting the first row in the Search History view.

• Wider Left and Right Margins
- Based on user feedback, visual space has been added on the left and right sides of all panes to improve readability.

• Improved Hyperlink Support for Tool Modules
- Both external and internal hyperlinks are now generally supported for tool modules displayed in the parallel pane of a text search view as well as by themselves in a tool search view.

• Improved Parallel Module Chooser (Text Search View Only)
- Now uses a segmented control to quickly switch between parallel module types rather than forcing users to navigate back and forth through a hierarchical list of possible modules.

Instant Details View Changes

• Revamped color scheme And Interaction
- The instant detail view now uses the Accordance text layout engine to display information with a black text color on a “Newsprint” pane background color.

• Expanded Context Based information
- The instant details view now will display much more information about a selection where appropriate based on content extracted from other installed modules.

• Actions Menu Added to View
- A set of possible actions to perform with the current selection is now displayed at the bottom of the instant details view. Typical actions include copying and highlighting the current selection as well as the search and amplify actions described above.

Other Changes

• Amplify Action Added to Verse Selection Menu
- Searches the list of installed reference tool modules for information about the verse reference selected. If found, a new search view is opened with the search results of the amplify action.

• User Note File Creation Added to the Choose User Note File View
- When the “User Note” action is chosen from the verse selection menu, the view used to select the user note file to edit now contains an option to create a new user note file. This allows user note files to be created for text modules that don’t have a Bible based corpus which was not possible in previous versions.

• Improved Persistence Between Application Sessions.
- Additional information is now saved when the application is placed in the background or quit to better preserve the current state of the application when relaunched. This additional information includes:
‣ Contents of the Recent Modules section of the Library view.
‣ Search history for all modules in the recent modules list.


• For users familiar with Accordance for Mac, the amplify action performed in Accordance for iOS is roughly equivalent to a triple-click on a selected word.

• After amplifying, returning to the previous search view can be accomplished in two ways:
‣ Opening the Library view and choosing the previous module from the Recent Modules section, or

‣ A two-finger swipe to the right gesture in the current search view. This gesture will only work in search views that have been opened via amplifying and can be chained together if multiple amplify actions have been performed in a row. Opening a module via the Library view will always break the amplify chain.

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