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want to find NOUN Preposition SAME NOW

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#1 Jonna Schmidt

Jonna Schmidt


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Posted 13 July 2012 - 04:04 PM

I apologise in advance that this is probably a very basic Greek construct. Anyway.... my church is doing a memorization project, such that we hope to memorize the entire book of Romans.

To help encourage people, I wanted to point out instances of repeated phrases in Romans such as: "May it never be" and "not only this, but"

I am now at Romans 13, and I noticed the phrase, tax to whom tax is due, custom to whom custom, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor

So, I want to set up a construct so that I can find all the instances of: NOUN -- preposition -- SAME NOUN

I have tried using a Greek construct, and I keep getting the following error message: There must be at least one agreement attribute entered.

I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Can I assume that Accordance can indeed, do such a search? Am I asking too much?

Again, my "gestalt" is that is a very basic Greek construct search -- so I apologise if I am missing something rather basic.

Thank you in advance for any help that can be rendered.

Jonna from Michigan

#2 David Lang

David Lang


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Posted 13 July 2012 - 04:36 PM

Jonna, you want to create a construct with a NOUN item in the first column, a PREPOSITION item in the second, and a NOUN item in the third. I dragged a WITHIN of 10 words over the first two columns, then dragged the right arc of that WITHIN from the second column to the third to encompass the whole construction. Next I dragged an AGREE over the first two columns, and checked Lexical Form in the dialog that opens. I then dragged the right arc of that AGREE from the second to the third column. This AGREE between the first and third columns now specifies that the two nouns must be the same. I also dragged an AGREE above the second and third columns and checked Case, since prepositions agree with their objects by case. This resulted in some interesting expressions, such as "eye for eye" and "tooth for tooth."

Surprisingly, it did NOT find your example from Romans 13. When I examined why, I found that the construction in those verses uses an article rather than a preposition between the two nouns. I simply deleted the PREPOSITION item from the middle column, replaced it with an ARTICLE item, and re-ran the search. This construct found all 4 instances you mentioned.

I suspect you got the error message because you had not checked anything in the dialog box when you dragged the AGREE item onto the Construct. If you don't tell Accordance how two items should agree, it doesn't know quite what to do.

Hope this helps.
David Lang
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#3 Jonna Schmidt

Jonna Schmidt


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 08:41 PM

Thank you for your help. I am so sorry that I did not respond to you sooner. It took me some to time to follow everything, but eventually, I understood. Thanks again

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