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Office is Overwhelmed -- My Perspective

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#1 Stephen



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Posted 01 June 2006 - 11:22 AM

When I was in college we took a class called "Systems Analysis" which I liked tremendously. In short in this class we were given test cases of companies and asked to make recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of that company. At that time we were assigned Boeing and did a farily good job on it I think.

So if I were given Oak Tree as a test case for this class I think I could come up with some ideas. Not to say that Oak is seriously in trouble but we all can stand some improvement including (and especially) this writer. So with the latest announcement of your software (which I ordered and anxiously await my serial for) I think one area for improvement has exposed itself. In short I see that there are too many manual processes in your ordering system and this could be beefed up a little bit. With something as simple as emailing serial numbers to customers this should be a totally automated process and requiring little or no human input. Companies all over the Internet do this and it is merely taking the time to implement the solution.

At any rate I'm not going to drag out this post and it honestly is intended to be constructive and not a flame of any sort. These types of things just stand out to me because writing systems to automate processes is what I do for a living. So having said this I anticipate the arrival of my serial and offer my humble ideas on how you can automate your processes and look very good to the customers that you serve :)

#2 Guest_frgpeter_*

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Posted 01 June 2006 - 11:44 AM

Actually you probably get your "serial numbers" from the main www.accordancebible.com site.

Check out under "My Account" / "Purchased Item". You will be shown codes there for the items you purchased. Just select / copy /paste into the prompt box.

Unless they don't do that for new purchases?

G. Peter David

#3 Stephen



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Posted 01 June 2006 - 11:58 AM

As best I know your assumptions for getting the serials numbers will appear in the area you suggest. I have checked for about 2 days now but it still says "Your new order is being reviewed by the sales staff." Though to update this I did just receive an email from sales indicating that I do not qualify for the $10 off and asked me do I want to purchase the software at my eligible price.

On my email I received after ordering it said "Your unlock codes will be sent with your receipt when the order is processed." and combined that with the above message on my account page was what prompted this thread. So again not a flame but rather an observation/suggestion :)

#4 Helen Brown

Helen Brown


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Posted 01 June 2006 - 12:13 PM

You do get the codes immediately if it is a new purchase, or an upgrade to an item previously purchased online. But if you request an upgrade and you did not purchase the original item online, or if you request the coupon, the order has to be processed manually.

The online database is quite separate for our office database which contains info on all registered users and all purchases ever made from OakTree. It also keeps track of all royalties owed to all the copyright holders and much more. We did not even attempt to link that database to the website.

Therefore, if you have bought from us by phone or email, or registered a copy of Accordance, and you want to order online, you must create an account yourself. If you request an upgrade price we will verify that it applies to you before your card is charged.

If you use the coupon we will check your records to be sure that your first purchase of Accordance 6 was in 2006. If not we will write to ask you whether we may go ahead and charge the usual upgrade price of $29. This will delay your order. At least one user paid the full $39 price because he felt it was well worth it, and did not want to wait.

Now, if we had just charged everyone the same $39, all the online orders would have processed automatically. ;) Maybe next time....
Helen Brown
OakTree Software

#5 jarcher



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Posted 01 June 2006 - 12:29 PM

Helen and Oaktree staff,

My prayer for you all is that God continues to bless your company and gives your all extra patience and energy in this busy and stressful time.



#6 Stephen



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Posted 01 June 2006 - 02:35 PM

Thanks Helen for the very nice explanation. I do hope that no readers felt this thread was anything other than constructive. The absence of facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language really make it difficult for a reader to truly understand what the writer is trying to convey. Smilies will only get you so far :)

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