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Posted 01 April 2013 - 08:27 PM



I am really struggling with getting a new zone to open up.  I must have something set up wrong in my settings because when I click on a new tool it simply opens up in a new tab.  No matter what I do it won't open in a new zone.  Then, when I grab that new tab and drag it to make it a new zone, I always get the same message...."There is not enough space to move this item into that workspace or zone."  If anyone could help me overcome my technological limitations I would be grateful.  Thank you!

#2 Ken Simpson

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 09:14 PM

Hi dirrimp.

when you click a new tool or text on the resource palette it will has different actions depending on what you click. It will "tabify" like with like, and zonify unlike.


eg. if you have a text open (let's say ESVS, then you select another text, it should open in a tab. This is normal behaviour. likewise if you have a tool open, and you click a tool. Zones gather like modules.


you can then (usually) create a new zone with that tabbed text or tool by dragging it to a place where accordance suggests (by giving you a sort of ghosted window position). If you can't it suggests you may have too many zones already open in a display that can't quite cope. A zone needs a minimum amount of space and will not open if there's not enough.


First, try just opening a new workspace from the File menu. That should only have one text in it (usually the ESVS, but it depends on what you have set up the default to be). Then do a CMD-N which will open a second text in a tab. Now try and drag that into a new zone.


To help us help you, what Mac are you using? What version of Accordance 9? What version of Mac OS?


Could you possibly save and then upload your workspace to the forum (using "More Reply Options" below)

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Posted 02 April 2013 - 10:00 AM

Make sure your monitor is set to its highest display resolution, then try these settings in your Accordance menu>Preferences>Workspaces.


Accordance does require a certain minimum width for new zones and, no, it will not create another zone if these isn't enough room. I've noticed that a tool with its browser open takes up a lot of space.


Remember that zones can be added to the bottom of a workspace, not just the side or middle. If you have a small display (MacBook Air) or a lot of zones already, try dragging that tab to the bottom of your workspace.


Let us know if these tips help!



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