Help: Highlighting

Accordance 1.4 allows you to:

Add highlights to any verse. The verse highlights appear on the same verses in any version.

Add highlights to single words in texts and tools. These highlights appear only in that specific module.

Sync Highlight files with Accordance 9.4 and up on MacOS X.

Display and clear word and verse highlights in synced files.

It does not yet support the selection and highlighting of multiple words.ios-hilite-defstyles

A default set of Highlights named My Mobile Highlights is installed with Accordance.

Highlighting a Verse

ios-verseref-action Tap and hold on a verse reference in text view to bring up the action sheet.

ios-hilite-applyTap Highlight Verse and select from the default colors and styles of highlights.

In Reader view, tap the arrows in the top corners to extend the range of the highlight, before tapping Highlight Verse.

Your highlight styles will appear on these verses in every translation or version.

Highlighting a Wordios-hilite-word

Select the word with a tap and hold, and then tap the Highlight button on the Instant Details or action menu.

Select the desired style from the Highlight menu.

Your highlight styles will appear on this word only.

Any verse highlight applied to this verse now appear only on the verse reference.

Syncing Highlights

ios-hilite-displayOn the Mac you can create new sets of highlight files, define a large variety of styles for each set, and apply the highlights to entire verses or individual words or phrases.

The Sync feature brings all the selected Highlight files up to date on both devices, merging any changes made, whether on Mac or iOS.

Changing the Current Highlight File

Tap on Library: Settings: Display Settings and scroll down to Highlights File to select a different set of highlights.

The new highlights display the word and verse highlights wherever they have been applied in your current text. They also let you use any of the defined styles to highlight additional verses.

Searching for Highlightsios-hilite-search

In Search view the STYLE command adds [STYLE Yellow] to the entry box. Edit the Yellow to search for a different style, or enter * to find all styles.

Combine this command with other search criteria as in: [STYLE *] <AND> Moses to find any verses with the word Moses and some highlighting.

Reset Highlighting

In case of a problem, go to the iOS Settings, and tap Accordance under Applications. Setting the Reset Highlights switch removes all currently installed highlight files and restarts with a new default highlights file.


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