Help: Instant Details and Actions Menu

Instant Details

A long tap on a word, or a short tap on a hypertext link in a tool opens an Instant Details popover. If there is no immediate information about the word, only the Actions menu is displayed.

Where there is additional information, the same action buttons appear below the details of the word or link.

The details vary with the selection.
Scroll the contents  to view any hidden information.
Tap anywhere outside the popover to dismiss it.ios-text-strongid

In texts with Key numbers (such as the ESVi and KJVS) the Instant Details shows:

  • the selected word
  • the Key number (such as Strong's)
  • the dictionary form of the word in the original language
  • if a grammatically tagged text is installed, the inflected form, parsing, gloss and syntax described below also appear
  • the entry for that Key number from the related dictionary.ios-text-gramid1

In grammatically tagged texts such as the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament, each word displays:

  • the word as it is in the text (inflected form)
  • the dictionary form (lemma or lexical)
  • the root where applicable (in parentheses)
  • the part of speech and full parsing of the word, such as Noun masc plur gen
  • an English gloss which is a basic definitionios-text-strongid2
  • the syntactical tag such as subject (if syntax files are installed)
  • the entry for that word in the top lexicon for that language (that has that word).

In words with no tagging: the entry for that word in the top English dictionary (that has that word).


A hyperlink in a tool displays:

  • Bible verse reference: the text in the top Bible (that has that verse)
  • Internal link: the information in the link, with a link icon to go its location.
ios-tool-refid -- ios-tool-fnid

Note: a link from a tool to another module amplifies to that module.

Actions Menu

Selection of a word that does not offer Instant Details brings up a simple Actions menu with the following buttons:

ios-tool-actionCopy: copies the selected word so that it can be pasted elsewhere.ios-hilite-defstyles

Highlight: opens the Highlights popover with the defined styles in the currently selected set of highlights. Selecting a style applies it to the word. (Note: if the entire verse is highlighted, that highlight now appears only on the verse reference.)

Search: searches the same text or tool for the selection.

Amplify: searches for the selection in the the appropriate text or tool.

In plain text tapping either Search or Amplify takes you directly to the results of the action.

ios-text-gramid3ios-text-strongid2In Key number texts such as the ESVi, you must first choose whether to search for the Word or the Key Number (in effect for the original word).

In tagged original texts you must select the Inflected Form, Lemma, or Root (see above).


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