How Do I Choose?

How to Choose the Right Package

Accordance is available for Easy Install and on on many CD-ROMs and DVDs with a wide choice of text and tool modules. Each disk comes with the program, and most include at least one Bible text, so any disk can stand alone or form the starting point of your Accordance library. However, we recommend starting with one of the primary collections.

Recommendations -- Quick Tips

  • Bible Study Track (Library) with access to multiple Bibles, Greek and Hebrew words via Key numbers, commentaries, dictionaries and other study aids
  • Original Language Track (Scholar's) studies with grammatically tagged texts,  grammatical searching and analysis of original texts linked to scholarly lexicons, grammars, and other tools.
  • Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies materials collected for the Jewish user.
  • Catholic Collection with texts and documents in Latin and English.
  • Spanish Bible and Study Bible materials.

Bible Study Track (Library)

The Library Collection offers a wide selection of English Bibles with Key numbers, classic commentaries, dictionaries and many other study aids. There are three Library levels: Introductory, Standard, and Premier with a choice of additional translations that can be unlocked individually.

Recommended additional products are:

And for those who want to dig deeper with more specialized tools:

Original Languages Track (Scholar's)

The Scholar's Collection offers all the grammatically tagged Biblical and related Greek and Hebrew texts, together with translations, other original and ancient texts, and a selection of lexicons and other specialized modules. The three Scholar's levels, Introductory, Standard, and Premier offer attractive starting points and a choice of additional translations.

Recommended add-ons are:

For Greek or Hebrew studies:

For dictionaries and commentaries:

For teaching tools:

For research:

Hebrew Bible and Judaic Studies

The Jewish Collection Introductory or Advanced Level is specially prepared for the Jewish community. The Introductory Level lets users read the Hebrew Bible or one of two English translations, search with Key numbers, and access a Hebrew dictionary, outline, parallel, and other tools. The Advanced level allows grammatical search and analysis of the Hebrew Bible, and adds the Mishna in Hebrew and English and other modules. Optional unlockable modules can be added to any level.

The Hebrew 9 Introductory bundle is a great starting point for students.

Recommended additional CD-ROMs and unlocks are:

Catholic Collection

A collection of Catholic Bibles in English, Spanish, and Latin as well as the Catechism, Canon Law, Vatican and other documents. This collection comes in three levels and offers the Catholic Study Bible.

Recommended additional CD-ROMs are:

Spanish Bible

The Biblioteca Hispana offers all of our current and new Spanish materials on one convenient disk.

Quick Tips

  • I want to read and search the Greek and Hebrew texts: start with the Scholar's Collection.
  • I prefer to do Greek and Hebrew word studies with Key (Strong’s numbers): choose between the KJVS, ESVS, HCSBS, JPSS, NAS95S, NKJVS, or NRSVS for download, and the NIV-G/K on the Zondervan Essential Bible Study Suite for Macintosh.
  • I need the Atlas and Timeline: order these separately as they are not included in the Primary collections.