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Advanced Macintosh Bible software for studying the Jewish Scriptures! Accordance offers an easy to use and integrated approach to the study of the Hebrew Bible. View the Hebrew text in parallel with several translations. See the Hebrew words behind the KJV text, and double-click to open the Hebrew dictionary. The Resource palette gives instant access to analysis and search features as well as all the texts and tools. The Advanced level includes grammatical searching and analysis of the Tanakh, and the texts of the Mishna and Josephus.

Modern study tools also available include the Jewish Study Bible, the JPS Torah Commentary, and the JPS Dictionary. See the Review in the Journal of Jewish Studies.

Pick Your Level: For the best value, choose one of the prepackaged levels. See the Comparison Chart below for the contents of each level. The additional modules can be purchased initially, or added to the Introductory level as an upgrade or as individual unlocks with the purchase of a code.

Upgrades available from earlier versions.

The Hebrew Introductory Bundle is another cost-effective starting point for Hebrew studies.

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