Lighting the Lamp

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Accordance Mobile 2.0 is here! Designed for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running at least iOS 8.0, the latest version of “Bible Study with Accordance” (iPhone App Store name) is sure to please. I ...
March 19, 2015
The Tower of Babel is one of the best known Bible stories, but rarely read in its literary and cultural context. In this podcast, Dr. J draws on his knowledge of the Ancient Near East and the images ...
February 26, 2015
[Accordance 11: Intermediate] It’s the "little things, the attention to detail that characterize a great product. In this podcast, Dr. J covers three of the “little features” that help make ...
February 5, 2015
[Accordance 11: Greek Study] In this study of Matt. 28:19, Dr. J dives into the Greek text and points out some of the less obvious features of this familiar passage. The study includes a comparison ...
January 22, 2015
[Accordance 11: Methods] Interested in learning to study the Bible? Accordance Bible Software has some new features and additional resources just for you! This podcast covers five different f ...
January 8, 2015
[Accordance 11: Basic] The Info Pane is easily the most popular of the many new features in Accordance 11. This new parallel pane offers quick and easy access to relevant resources for every p ...
December 22, 2014
[Basic Accordance 11] Accordance 11 has brought us a lot of new options—and new users! Instant Details is now more powerful and much more customizable. This podcast reviews Instant Details (for new ...
December 9, 2014
[Basic Accordance 11] Accordance 11 is simply brilliant! This podcast gives an overview of its most significant feature additions and improvements. Improvements include the Library, which now offers ...
November 6, 2014
[Accordance 11 Basic] Accordance 11 Collections are here! This podcast reviews the contents of the six collections, describes the best use of each, and explains the new Custom Upgrade process.
October 9, 2014
[Accordance 10: Study] Ever been asked to lead a Bible study with little to no advance notice? There's no need to panic. In this study of Psalm 23, Dr. J demonstrates how to use Accordance on an i ...
September 9, 2014
[Accordance 10: Basic] Tired of flipping back and forth through different sections in the same Reference Tool? Accordance has several different ways to open and use a tool. It even allows multiple ...
August 26, 2014
[Accordance 10: Study] How does Luke understand the connection between Jesus' earthly ministry and that of the Church he left behind? Join Dr. J as he investigates this question, posed by the first ...
August 12, 2014
[Accordance 10: Basic] Remember the old Bible map transparencies of yesteryear? There's a reason they aren't around any longer. In 1998 Accordance launched its interactive and customizable Bible ...
July 22, 2014
[Accordance iOS: Study] This study of Matt. 6:25-33 is the first of the Accordance Outside series, which uses Accordance iOS for in-depth Bible studies while on the go. This study uses a verb search ...
July 8, 2014
[Accordance 10: Intermediate] Accordance's [RANGE ?] Command and Range Search Condition make it possible to study groups of Bible or text passages, including non-contiguous passages. Imagine being ...
June 24, 2014
[Accordance 10: Methods] The best way to study a verse in the Bible is to learn to think contextually. Consider a verse's context: the paragraph in which it is found, the section in which it a ...
June 10, 2014
[Accordance 10: Study] Psalm 103 is a paean of praise to God for all his blessings, past and present. In this podcast, Dr. J walks us through a step-by-step exegesis of this psalm, showing how to ...
May 27, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10] Key numbers are a numerical system designed to help people with little or no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek. They identify the most important words in the Bible, enabling those ...
May 12, 2014
[Accordance 10: Basic] Remember the old printed concordances of yesteryear? They were “must have” tools for Bible study, but each Bible translation needed a different one! Thankfully, modern Bible ...
April 29, 2014
[Accordance 10: Basic] Lighting the Lamp podcast one hundred, Design Your Own Study Bible, demonstrates an easy way create your very own, custom Study Bible in Accordance. First, choose your Bible ...
April 15, 2014
[Study: Accordance 10.4] Genesis chapter one is often used today as evidence in all sorts of faith vs science debates, but what was its original purpose? What was its message to its first, ancient ...
March 31, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10.4] Whether you are teaching using Accordance Bible Software or some other application, here are some Mac system tips and handy utilities to make that task easier and more ...
March 11, 2014
[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.7.1] Accordance is great on an iPhone or iPad right out of the box, but it can do SO much more. Join Dr. J as he explains how to tweak its resource settings to fit our own ...
February 20, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10] Thanks to TV and the internet, today's audiences are accustomed to learning visually. Those of us who teach the Bible need to remember the importance of good visual aids for ...
February 3, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10] Accordance's new highlighting symbols make Inductive Bible Study easier than ever. With over one hundred colorful symbols to choose from, users will find it easy to use any ...
January 17, 2014