Lighting the Lamp

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[Accordance 10: Basic] Lighting the Lamp podcast one hundred, Design Your Own Study Bible, demonstrates an easy way create your very own, custom Study Bible in Accordance. First, choose your Bible ...
April 15, 2014
[Study: Accordance 10.4] Genesis chapter one is often used today as evidence in all sorts of faith vs science debates, but what was its original purpose? What was its message to its first, ancient ...
March 31, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10.4] Whether you are teaching using Accordance Bible Software or some other application, here are some Mac system tips and handy utilities to make that task easier and more ...
March 11, 2014
[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.7.1] Accordance is great on an iPhone or iPad right out of the box, but it can do SO much more. Join Dr. J as he explains how to tweak its resource settings to fit our own ...
February 20, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10] Thanks to TV and the internet, today's audiences are accustomed to learning visually. Those of us who teach the Bible need to remember the importance of good visual aids for ...
February 3, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10] Accordance's new highlighting symbols make Inductive Bible Study easier than ever. With over one hundred colorful symbols to choose from, users will find it easy to use any ...
January 17, 2014
[Basic: Accordance 10] It's here!!! Accordance for Windows has been officially released and is now available for purchase. PC owners now have a native Windows version of the world's premiere Bible ...
October 2, 2013
[Basic: Accordance 10] This podcast is the fastest way to get up and running with Accordance Bible Software. See how to search the Bible, add a parallel translation, and a side-by-side commentary....
August 8, 2013
[Basic: Accordance 10] The latest free update of Accordance 10, Accordance 10.2, offers users a number of exciting new features. The podcast covers two of them: 1) Combined Text allows users to ...
July 19, 2013
[Basic: Accordance 10; iOS 6] Tens of thousands of people using our Bible Study with Accordance app on iPhones and iPads know little about the full version on Accordance, which runs on Macs and PCs....
June 26, 2013
[Methods: Accordance 10] Accordance has everything any biblical scholar needs to explore intertextuality, the relationship between (or among) pieces of literature. Join Dr. J as he provides an ...
June 10, 2013
[Advanced: Accordance 10] The [INFER] command and its related function, Search Back, both excel at finding quotes, allusions, and inferences between any two texts. The relationship between texts, ...
April 10, 2013
[Intermediate: Accordance 10] [FUZZY] searches and flex searches are both more flexible than exact searches, allowing users to include similar words and phrases in their search results. This podcast ...
March 21, 2013
[Advanced: Accordance 10] Accordance's three linking commands, [LINK], [HITS], and [CONTENTS] temporarily “link” Accordance windows (zones or tabs) together, allowing searches in the source ...
February 21, 2013
[Intermediate: Accordance 10] Search Symbols add precision in verse and word searches, helping Accordance outperform those old printed Bible concordances. This podcast explains each of the fourteen ...
January 25, 2013
[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.6] Version 1.6 of our mobile Accordance app combines a more polished interface with a host of new features: flex search, auto words/verses switching, bookmarks, Remember My ...
January 9, 2013
[Basic: Accordance 10] Text and images in Accordance can be printed directly, copied and pasted, and dragged and dropped into other programs. In this episode, Dr. J designs a Christmas Keynote ...
December 25, 2012
[Intermediate: Accordance 10] How many words are in the Bible? Which ones appear only once? What is the most common word to begin a verse? Join Dr. J for an investigation into Bible trivia—and ...
December 12, 2012
[Intermediate: Accordance 10] Search options and Search commands are two additional ways to sharpen your searches. In this podcast Dr. J explains both and gives specific examples of their usefulness.
November 13, 2012
[Resources: Accordance 10] The revised edition of the Expositor's Bible Commentary is a major improvement upon the original. Dr. J reviews this new resource, highlights some of its additional ...
October 25, 2012
[Basic: Accordance 10] Accordance 10 's new "flex search" makes searching English Bibles easier and more natural. Just enter the search term(s) and hit [Enter]. Accordance does the rest, finding ...
October 19, 2012
[Basic: Accordance 10] Want to know what Bible software can do for you? Accordance Bible Software is not just a search engine, nor a simple library of books. It is a complete software suite for ...
October 1, 2012
[Resources: Accordance 10] Accordance 10 introduces six new collections of Bible study resources, representing the very best values we've ever offered. Each collection is designed with a particular ...
September 6, 2012
[Basic: Accordance 10] Introduces the most recent version of Accordance, Accordance 10, with its sleek, modern interface, unified workspace, customizable toolbar, detachable Instant Details, and ...
August 20, 2012
[Intermediate: Accordance 9] Accordance 9.6.4 dramatically improves the ease and functionality of its diagramming feature. Join Dr. J as he reviews these changes, including colored and bold objects, ...
July 24, 2012