Lighting the Lamp

We now have a library of over 100 titles and 30 hours of instruction in our popular podcast series. Dr. J deliberately mixes up the topics and levels for variety. Feel free to search for a topic, browse the listing below, or consult one of these pages:

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[Accordance 11.1.4 Advanced] Over the past few years we’ve worked hard to make our original language syntax searches faster, more accurate, and more intuitive. In this podcast, Dr. J demonstrates ...
February 6, 2016
[Accordance 11: Basic] Just purchased Accordance and need to install it? Already have Accordance and want to use the Setup Assistant? If your answer to either of these questions is “Yes,” this ...
January 21, 2016
[Accordance 11.1 Intermediate] Accordance offers two different ways to save the results of our Bible studies: User Notes and User Tools. Both have been recently updated in Accordance 11.1. This ...
December 15, 2015
[Accordance 11: Basic] Accordance 11.1 is a major update of Accordance Bible Software, free for everyone who owns Accordance 11. User Notes and Tools are more robust, Syntax searches easier and more ...
November 3, 2015
[Accordance 11: Study] The Feast of Tabernacles was the largest and most joyous of ancient Israel’s three annual pilgrimage feasts. It occurs at the autumnal equinox and celebrates the end of ...
September 23, 2015
[Accordance 11: Basic] Most of us realize that Accordance allows us to use the resources we’ve purchased on more than one of our devices, but did you know that we can also open more than one copy of ...
September 3, 2015
[Accordance 11 Resource] Outlines of Biblical Books is included with every copy of Accordance. Join Dr. J as he explains the many different ways we can view and use this helpful resource. This ...
August 20, 2015
[Accordance 11: Advanced] The Merge command is the most complex of Accordance’s linking commands, which use the search results of one pane to search in another pane. It was created specifically to ...
August 10, 2015
[Accordance 11: Study] Rom. 8:28-30 is interpreted very differently by Wesleyans and Calvinists, a disagreement that often obscures the the point of the passage. In it Paul argues that God has ...
July 27, 2015
[Accordance 11: Study] The story of the prophet Jonah is a delight, filled with unexpected twists and turns. In this podcast, we’ll explore the way it turns the tables on its readers. Expecting ...
July 9, 2015
[Accordance 11: Resources] Michael Card’s Biblical Imagination is a delightful study of each the four Gospels, enhanced by four albums of his signature music. This Accordance module includes both h ...
June 22, 2015
[Accordance Mobile 2.1: Basic] The latest release of our Accordance Mobile app includes a number of new features, including some of User Notes. In this podcast, Dr. J reviews all the capabilities of ...
June 6, 2015
Accordance 11.0.6 brings with it two new features: Change Focus and Tie/Untie Panes. Both are designed to enable users to investigate any verse while still being able to see its entire context. Join ...
May 21, 2015
Not all Bible studies begin with a passage. Some start with a simple question, “What does the Bible say about ______?” Investigations of this kind are called “topical studies” and may well be the ...
May 7, 2015
[Accordance 11: Study] What is the Greatest Commandment? All three Synoptic Gospels include the story of Jesus' answer to the Pharisees' question—but they have significant differences. In this ...
April 23, 2015
Word studies are one of the core techniques for Bible study. In this podcast, Dr. J provides a simple, step-by-step process for discovering a word’s meaning: Identify, Investigate, and Evaluate. ...
April 3, 2015
Accordance Mobile 2.0 is here! Designed for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running at least iOS 8.0, the latest version of “Bible Study with Accordance” (iPhone App Store name) is sure to please. I ...
March 19, 2015
The Tower of Babel is one of the best known Bible stories, but rarely read in its literary and cultural context. In this podcast, Dr. J draws on his knowledge of the Ancient Near East and the images ...
February 26, 2015
[Accordance 11: Intermediate] It’s the "little things, the attention to detail that characterize a great product. In this podcast, Dr. J covers three of the “little features” that help make ...
February 5, 2015
[Accordance 11: Greek Study] In this study of Matt. 28:19, Dr. J dives into the Greek text and points out some of the less obvious features of this familiar passage. The study includes a comparison ...
January 22, 2015
[Accordance 11: Methods] Interested in learning to study the Bible? Accordance Bible Software has some new features and additional resources just for you! This podcast covers five different f ...
January 8, 2015
[Accordance 11: Basic] The Info Pane is easily the most popular of the many new features in Accordance 11. This new parallel pane offers quick and easy access to relevant resources for every p ...
December 22, 2014
[Basic Accordance 11] Accordance 11 has brought us a lot of new options—and new users! Instant Details is now more powerful and much more customizable. This podcast reviews Instant Details (for new ...
December 9, 2014
[Basic Accordance 11] Accordance 11 is simply brilliant! This podcast gives an overview of its most significant feature additions and improvements. Improvements include the Library, which now offers ...
November 6, 2014
[Accordance 11 Basic] Accordance 11 Collections are here! This podcast reviews the contents of the six collections, describes the best use of each, and explains the new Custom Upgrade process.
October 9, 2014