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WBC vol 46: Pastoral Epistles by William Mounce |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Pastoral Epistles (Volume 46):
Regarded as a unique window on early church practices, the Pastoral Epistles are the subject of intense debate concerning their …
WBC vol 45: 1 & 2 Thessalonians by F. F. Bruce |

$32.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 1 & 2 Thessalonians (Volume 45):
In this volume F. F. Bruce sets the Thessalonian epistles against their contemporary background and reflects the skills of a …
WBC vol 44: Colossians-Philemon by Peter T. O’Brien |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Colossians / Philemon (Volume 44):
In this commentary, Peter T. O’Brien offers an exegetical, theological and analytical commentary based on the Greek text of …
WBC vol 43: Philippians (Rev. Ed.) by Ralph P. Martin |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Philippians - Revised (Volume 43):
This commentary offers the most complete, up-to-date scholarly research into Philippians and its significance for today. …
WBC vol 42: Ephesians by Andrew T. Lincoln |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Ephesians (Volume 42):
In this full-length critical commentary on the Greek text of Ephesians, Andrew Lincoln offers new ways of appreciating this great epistle. …
WBC vol 41: Galatians by Richard N. Longenecker |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Galatians (Volume 41):
This commentary is based on the Greek text but is still accessible to those who are not proficient in Greek. It is particularly strong on …
WBC vol 38a-b: Romans 1-8 and 9-16 by James D. G. Dunn |

$102.00    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About this module:
In these volumes in the Word Biblical Commentary, Dunn preserves the overall sweep of Paul’s thought and emphasizes Paul’s Jewish background as …
WBC vol 36: John (2nd Ed.) by George R. Beasley-Murray |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About John - 2nd Edition (Volume 36):
In this revised volume on John, Beasley-Murray firmly confronts the historical and theological concerns raised by the Fourth G …
WBC vol 35a-c: Luke 1-9:20, 9:21-18:43, and 19-24 by John Nolland |

$149.00    On Sale: $29.97 (Ends September 30)
About Luke 1-9:20 (Volume 35a):
Treating Luke’s Gospel as a theological treatise rather than as a biography, Nolland gauges Luke’s effectiveness in presenting the g …
About Mark 1-8:26 (Volume 34a):
In the first of two volumes on Mark, Dr. Guelich takes a two-fold approach. First, he seeks to understand the material of Mark’s Gospel …
WBC vol 33a-b: Matthew 1-13 and 14-28 by Donald A. Hagner |

$102.00    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About Matthew 1-13 (Volume 33a):
Bringing his textual skills and insights to bear on the ten year task of crafting this commentary, Dr. Hagner helps his readers to see …
WBC vol 32: Micah-Malachi by Ralph L. Smith |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Micah-Malachi (Volume 32):
In this commentary, Dr. Ralph Smith explains the book’s original setting and primary meaning of the language as the prophets warn and …
WBC vol 31: Hosea-Jonah by Douglas Stuart |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Hosea-Jonah (Volume 31):
One of the finer commentaries in the set, Tremper Longman has this to say about it: “This is one of the best recent commentaries on the …
WBC vol 30: Daniel by John E. Goldingay |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Begins September 1, 2015 and ends September 30, 2015)
About Daniel (Volume 30):
This volume shows how the book of Daniel develops along two major themes: the exploits of Daniel and his friends as members of the royal …
WBC vol 28-29: Ezekiel 1-19 and 20-48 by Leslie C. Allen |

$79.90    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About Ezekiel 1-19 (Volume 28) and Ezekiel 20-48 (Volume 29):
God was always faithful in honoring his covenant with Israel. But when the chosen people repeatedly forgot …
About Jeremiah 1-25 (Volume 26):
This volume of the Word Biblical Commentary series is a fitting tribute to the renowned Bible scholar Dr. Peter Craigie. At the time o …
WBC vol 24-25: Isaiah 1-33 (Rev. Ed.) and 34-66 (Rev. Ed.) by John D. W. Watts |

$94.90    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About this module:
Dr. Watts has revisited this work he produced almost twenty years ago, updating it in light of current scholarship. He continues to hold to the …
WBC vol 23b: Song of Songs/Lamentations by Duane Garrett and Paul R. House |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Song of Songs / Lamentations (Volume 23b):
The powerful poetry of the Song of Songs and Lamentations gives voice to opposite feelings: the excitement of love and …
WBC vol 23a: Ecclesiastes by Roland Murphy |

$29.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Ecclesiastes (Volume 23a):
Like no other biblical book, Ecclesiastes presents a vivid depiction of earthly struggle and human experience. Renowned wisdom …
WBC vol 22: Proverbs by Roland Murphy |

$34.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Proverbs (Volume 22):
A well-respected scholar, Murphy has written extensively on wisdom literature. He brings his mature reflections to bear on these oft-quoted …
WBC vol 16: Ezra-Nehemiah by H. G. M. Williamson |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Ezra / Nehemiah (Volume 16):
Williamson, an excellent evangelical scholar, has written a very good and comprehensive commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah. This …
WBC vol 15: 2 Chronicles by Raymond B. Dillard |

$34.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 2 Chronicles (Volume 15):
Dillard’s commentary on 2 Chronicles is a superb treatment of the book. His analysis of the theological message of the book in the …
WBC vol 14: 1 Chronicles by Roddy L. Braun |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 1 Chronicles (Volume 14):
Roddy Braun continues this with his excellent treatment of 1 Chronicles. Braun provides a helpful discussion of all aspects of the book. …
WBC vol 13: 2 Kings by T. R. Hobbs |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Begins September 1, 2015 and ends September 30, 2015)
About 2 Kings (Volume 13):
This work on 2 Kings by T. R. Hobbs begins with a detailed introduction discussing the structure, date, authorship and historical veracity …
WBC vol 12: 1 Kings (2nd Ed.) by Simon J. DeVries |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 1 Kings - 2nd Edition (Volume 12):
In this commentary, Dr. DeVries gives a thorough overview of the world of 1 Kings: its geography, culture, politics and the …
Many modules are available in a discounted package. Follow the links for details.
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