Greek add-on bundles

Apostolic Fathers add-on |

$129.00    Our Price: $109.00
The Apostolic Fathers is an important collection of writings revered by early Christians but not included in the final canon of the New Testament. This add-on i …
Basic Greek add-on |

$159.00    Our Price: $139.00
This add-on bundle includes four modules ideal for the layperson who wants to study the Greek of the New Testament.
Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament – A new …
BDAG and HALOT add-on |

$463.00    Our Price: $299.00
A special bundle of the third edition of the Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament edited by Fredrick William Danker (BDAG) and the Koehler-Baumgartner Hebrew & …
Codex add-on |

$329.00    Our Price: $199.00
Complete set of 5 Accordance Greek NT MSS and the GNT Papyri. The texts are fully tagged, displayed in Uncial font with line lengths and the options to hide the spaces …
A collection of six fully tagged Greek works along with their English translations. This add-on includes the following works:
Eusebius' Ecclesiastical …
This bundle adds the BHQ (first 5 fascicles) with apparatus and commentary, BHS-T Stuttgartensia with tagging, sigla and apparatus, NA28-T with tagging, sigla and …
When added to the Starter 11 Collection, this bundle supplies a full set of the Greek texts and tools available in Accordance as of November 2014.
Greek NT add-on: GNT28-T, Newman, Thayer |

$109.00    Our Price: $79.90
This package includes the tagged Greek New Testament text (GNT28-T), the Newman Dictionary, and Thayer's Greek Lexicon.
This group can be added to any Accordance Collection. It contains a group of classic tools which bring together the fruit of some of the best New Testament scholarship …
Josephus Add-on: JOSEPH-T and JOSEPH |

$119.00    Our Price: $99.90
This package includes the tagged Josephus text and the translation and notes.
This bundle of Septuagint study materials can be added to any Accordance Collection. It contains the tagged Greek Septuagint and other related modules (including the …
LXX Rahlfs' Tagged Text (LXX1 & 2) with Apparatus |

$129.00    Our Price: $119.00
Since its first publication in 1935, Alfred Rahlfs’ Septuagint edition has provided an important basis for Septuagint research worldwide. To ensure that this will …
LXX Studies add-on: MT-LXX, LXXS, and LXXC Combo |

$269.00    Our Price: $179.00
This bundle of advanced Septuagint study material can be added to any Accordance Collection. It contains the MT-LXX Parallel (Tov and Polak) and the LXXS (Swete text a …
This bundle includes the modules you need to follow along with Dr. William D. Mounce’s Biblical Greek video sessions. Included are the tagged Greek text (GNT28-T), the …
MT-LXX and LXX1 add-on |

$194.00    Our Price: $149.00
This package can be added to any Accordance Collection. It includes the tagged Rahlfs’ LXX1 & 2, Brenton translation (LXX-B), and MT-LXX Parallel Database.
The …
This package includes all Accordance fully tagged uncial NT manuscripts, with the Comfort edition of the GNT Papyri (fully tagged), and the detailed images of several …
Philo Add-on |

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All the extant Greek texts of Philo prepared, lemmatized, and initially tagged grammatically by The Norwegian Philo Concordance Project, extensively revised for …
Pseudepigrapha add-on bundle |

$329.00    Our Price: $249.00
This package can be added to any Accordance Collection. It contains all the Pseudepigrapha modules currently available in Accordance.
Student add-on to Starter or Bible Study Collections |

$199.00    Our Price: $99.90
This bundle adds the Greek tagged text (GNT28-T), Hebrew tagged text (HMT-W4), and a lexicon for each to the Starter or Bible Study Collections.