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New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology

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Formerly included in the Scholarly Zondervan Bible Study Suite. Also available for individual purchase through Easy Install.

The New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology surveys the findings, methods, and terminology of Biblical archaeology. Use this dictionary to get information about specific sites, ancient cultures, extrabiblical literature, historical figures, and archaeological terms.

In addition to the extensive archaeoogical articles, this dictionary includes the following additional information:

  • Select, annotated list of current archaeoogical periodicals (General Biblical Archaeology, Specific Countries including Israel and Ancient Near East, Dead Sea Scolls, New Testament, and the Classical World)
  • Chronological chart of archaeological and historical periods
  • Maps of the Bible

The New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology
• General Editors: Edward M. Blaiklock, R. K. Harrison
• Managing Editor: David R. Douglass
• Publisher: Zondervan (1983)


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