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Preaching God’s Word - Terry G. Carter, J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays

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People in churches today are hungry for a word from God. Preachers need to prepare and deliver sound biblical sermons that connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Whether you are a student new to preaching or a veteran looking to brush up your preaching skills, here is a valuable resource.

Good preaching begins with good exegesis. Preaching God’s Word walks you through the steps of the “Interpretive Journey” from the biblical text to contemporary application:

  • Grasp the text in “Their Town” (what it meant to the original audience).
  • Measure the width of the river that separates the biblical context from today.
  • Cross the “Principalizing Bridge” by identifying the timeless theological principles.
  • Grasp the text in “Our Town.”

While the science of solid biblical interpretation is essential to effective preaching, it must be married to the art of contemporary communication in order to bring the message home. Preaching God’s Word also shows you how to understand your audience, develop powerful applications, use illustrations well, and deliver the sermon effectively. The concluding chapters discuss the unique preaching challenges presented by the various biblical genres, providing interpretive keys, things to avoid, and numerous examples.

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Preaching God’s Word
A Hands-On Approach to Preparing, Developing, and Delivering the Sermon
• Authors: Terry G. Carter, J. Scott Duvall, and J. Daniels Hays
• Publisher: Zondervan (released 8/23/05)

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