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NIV Thematic Reference Bible Notes

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This Study Bible was planned to allow its users to identify and explore the leading themes of Scripture. It identifies the key themes and traces them throughout the course of Scripture. The Bible is allowed to speak for itself with a minimum of comment and explanation. This allows users to come into contact directly with Scripture, rather than having to approach it through the views of commentators. The main themes of Scripture are identified, key Biblical references are provided and the mutual relationship of themes is set out clearly. Over 2,000 themes detailed in this work cover doctrinal, ethical, historical and cultural subjects.

Note: This module does not include the biblical text of the printed version.  However, it contains all the Introductions, Feature Articles, Maps, and Notes of the printed version and can be linked to run in parallel with any Accordance Bible translation.

The NIV Thematic Study Bible
• General Editor: Alister E. McGrath
• Manager Editor: Martin H. Manser
• Consultant Editors: J. I. Packer, Donald J. Wiseman
• Assistant Consultants: J. Gordon McConville, Stephen H. Travis
• Publisher: Zondervan (1999)


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