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Advanced Collection (Accordance 11) |

$999.00    On Sale: $799.00 (Ends August 31)
The Advanced Collection offers an impressive library of research-grade Bible study tools. This collection builds upon the foundation of our Essential Collection and …
Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, The (6 volumes) |

$599.00    On Sale: $199.00 (Ends August 31)
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary is a six-volume state-of-the-art dictionary of the Bible, six years in the making, offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive …
Bible Study Collection (Accordance 11) |

$199.00    On Sale: $159.00 (Ends August 31)
The Bible Study Collection offers a broad variety of English Bibles and study tools.
This collection includes almost two dozen Bible translations and a strong selection …
Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism |

$94.90    On Sale: $59.90 (Ends August 31)
The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism -- the first reference work ever on Judaism in the Greco-Roman age.
This comprehensive and authoritative volume is t …
Essential Collection (Accordance 11) |

$499.00    On Sale: $399.00 (Ends August 31)
The Essential Collection offers an extensive library of English, Greek, and Hebrew Bible study tools. This collection combines the Bible Study Collection and the …
Essential IVP Reference Collection 3 |

$659.00    On Sale: $149.00 (Ends August 31)
Other reference libraries may not give you the best and most recent scholarship -- the timely and reliable information you want and need. By contrast, The Essential IVP …
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (2nd Edition) (Elwell) |

$59.90    On Sale: $45.90 (Ends August 31)
Fifteen years after its original publication comes a thoroughly revised edition of the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Every article from the original edition has …
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, The (Fully Revised) (4 volumes) |

$300.00    On Sale: $99.90 (Ends August 31)
First published in 1915 by the Howard-Severence Company, this product has been completely revised in this 1988/1995 edition by the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing …
IVP Bundle of 6 New Dictionaries |

$350.00    On Sale: $149.00 (Ends August 31)
A special bundle of IVP dictionaries is a superb addition to the IVP Essential Reference Library!
This bundle includes the following six dictionaries:
Dictionary of …
IVP: Pocket Dictionaries on Church History, Ethics, and Biblical Hebrew |

$27.90    On Sale: $17.90 (Ends August 31)
The IVP Pocket Reference Series was designed for students, pastors and other busy people who want an aid to formal or informal study. Informative, clear, brief and …
New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible (5 volumes) |

$399.00    On Sale: $219.00 (Ends August 31)
The New Interpreter's® Dictionary of the Bible (NIDB) in five volumes provides the best quality in contemporary biblical scholarship on a comprehensive range of topics …
Original Languages Collection (Accordance 11) |

$299.00    On Sale: $239.00 (Ends August 31)
The Original Languages Collection offers powerful tools for studying the Bible in Greek and Hebrew. This collection includes morphologically tagged texts of the Hebrew …
Ultimate Collection (Accordance 11) |

$1999.00    On Sale: $1599.00 (Ends August 31)
Our Ultimate Collection is designed for those who want top-tier Bible study tools at the best value. This massive theological library builds upon our Advanced C …
Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible |

$279.00    On Sale: $159.00 (Ends August 31)
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible has been a classic Bible study resource for more than thirty years. Now thoroughly revised, this new five-volume edition …