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Dead Sea Scrolls Non-Biblical Texts add-on with DSS Index |

$219.00    On Sale: $119.00 (Ends April 20)
Accordance offers a wealth of resources for the study of the Qumran and other Dead Sea Scrolls documents.
This bundle contains all the non-Biblical Text modules
This collection of over 220 ancient inscriptions is a rich source of information about the biblical world.
This book was conceived and born in the classroom. It is …
Hebrew Inscriptions (tagged) |

$49.90    On Sale: $39.90 (Ends April 20)
Early Hebrew inscriptions with grammatical tags.
Included in this collection are the Siloam tunnel, Lachish letters, 711 seals, and many other inscriptions. The …
Hebrew Texts to 2nd Temple period |

$379.00    On Sale: $199.00 (Ends April 20)
This package of early non-Biblical Hebrew texts can be added to any Accordance Collection. It contains a substantial set of fully tagged texts of non-Biblical Hebrew …
Inscriptions Hebrew, Index, and DEH |

$129.70    On Sale: $79.90 (Ends April 20)
This package include the set of Hebrew and Northwest Semitic inscriptions, with tagging and translation. The Index is also included as well as the Dictionary of …
Judean Desert Corpus |

$49.90    On Sale: $39.90 (Ends April 20)
This module contains the text and morphological tagging of the Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts from the Judean Desert that are not in either QUMRAN or DSSB-C/M modules. …
Kaufmann Hebrew Mishna (tagged) |

$99.90    On Sale: $74.90 (Ends April 20)
Hebrew Mishna corrected to the Kaufmann Codex with grammatical tagging supervised by Martin Abegg.
You may also be interested in The Mishnah: A New Translation by …
Mishna add-on |

$189.00    On Sale: $99.90 (Ends April 20)
This package of Mishna modules can be added to any Accordance Collection. It contains all the Mishna modules currently available in Accordance.
Mishna, Eshkol Edition |

$49.90    On Sale: $39.90 (Ends April 20)
Six Divisions of the Mishna (Shisha Sidrei Mishna), Hebrew Eshkol edition. Vowelled text with added morphological separators for prefixes and suffixes, but no lexical o …
Mishnah: A New Translation by Jacob Neusner |

$39.90    On Sale: $29.90 (Ends April 20)
English translation by Jacob Neusner, published 1988 by Yale University Press. See also Kaufmann Hebrew Mishna (tagged), and Mishna, Eshkol Edition. See …
Qumran Non-Biblical Manuscripts (Hebrew, tagged) |

$79.90    On Sale: $59.90 (Ends April 20)
All the Hebrew and Aramaic sectarian manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran have been compiled and tagged with lemmas and grammatical information by Martin …
Qumran Non-Biblical Manuscripts: A New English Translation |

$39.90    On Sale: $29.90 (Ends April 20)
This text is based upon the book "The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New English Translation," edited by Michael O. Wise, Martin G. Abegg, Jr. and Edward M. Cook. When both m …
The Raging Torrent brings together all the cuneiform historical texts composed during the 9th to 6th centuries BCE that relate to Ancient Israel. This is the period …

$49.90    On Sale: $39.90 (Ends April 20)
Hebrew text of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) in canonical order transcribed from original MSS.
Tagged Hebrew text in canonical order Tagged …