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Barclay's New Daily Study Bible - New Testament |

$199.00    On Sale: $129.00 (Ends September 7)
This New Daily Study Bible Set contains all seventeen volumes in the New Daily Study Bible New Testament series by William Barclay. The entire New Testament is covered …
For Everyone Bible Study Guides (N.T. Wright) |

$166.00    On Sale: $99.90 (Ends September 7)
In this series, the widely respected pastor and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright walks everyday readers book by book through the entire New Testament. Perfect for g …
For Everyone: The Complete New Testament Collection (N.T. Wright) (18 volumes) |

$215.00    On Sale: $149.00 (Ends September 7)
N.T. "Tom" Wright has undertaken a tremendous task: to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament, and to include in them his own translation of the entire …
N.T. Wright's For Everyone Set (Commentaries & Bible Study Guides) |

$381.00    On Sale: $199.00 (Ends September 7)
In this bundle, Accordance brings together two popular resources by the widely respected pastor and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright.
For Everyone NT Commentary: This …
WBC vol 01-02: Genesis 1-15 and 16-50 by Gordon J. Wenham |

$97.90    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About Genesis 1-15 (Volume 01) and Genesis 16-50 (Volume 02):
Out of his extensive examination of Genesis, Dr. Wenham has produced a careful commentary that interacts …
WBC vol 03: Exodus by John I. Durham |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Exodus (Volume 03):
This volume on Exodus by Durham begins with the text and historicity of the book as well as a discussion of past commentaries on this text. …
WBC vol 04: Leviticus by John E. Hartley |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Leviticus (Volume 04):
Although it is at the heart of the Pentateuch, the book of Leviticus is sometimes dismissed as dry and legalistic material with little …
WBC vol 05: Numbers by Philip J. Budd |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Numbers (Volume 05):
This volume on Numbers by Philip Budd begins with an introduction which includes articles on authorship, origins and geneologies of tribal …
About Deuteronomy 1:1-21:9 - 2nd Edition (Volume 06a) and Deuteronomy 21:10-34:12 (Volume 06b):
The book of Deuteronomy has been studied as a compilation of three …
WBC vol 07A-B: Joshua 1-12 (vol 7A) and 13-24 (vol 7B) by Trent C. Butler |

$104.00    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About Joshua - Revised (Volumes 07A, 07B):
Trent C. Butler's excellent commentary on Joshua is updated and revised. This new edition takes into account the most recent …
WBC vol 08: Judges by Trent C. Butler |

$52.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Judges (Volume 08):
Biblical scholar Trent C. Butler offers a critical and theological reading of Judges that de-emphasizes authorship issues and argues for an …
WBC vol 09: Ruth and Esther by Frederic W. Bush |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Ruth / Esther (Volume 09):
They are the only books in the Bible named after women---one who stood in the line of David and Jesus, and one who saved her people f …
WBC vol 10: 1 Samuel (2nd Edition) by Ralph W. Klein |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 1 Samuel - 2nd Edition (Volume 10):
This volume on 1 Samuel by Ralph Klein begins with an introductory section which discusses the origins of the book as well as …
WBC vol 11: 2 Samuel by A. A. Anderson |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 2 Samuel (Volume 11):
Anderson approaches the Book of 2 Samuel, the story of Israel’s great king, David, as a central book in Scripture. This commentary is …
WBC vol 12: 1 Kings (2nd Ed.) by Simon J. DeVries |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 1 Kings - 2nd Edition (Volume 12):
In this commentary, Dr. DeVries gives a thorough overview of the world of 1 Kings: its geography, culture, politics and the …
WBC vol 13: 2 Kings by T. R. Hobbs |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Begins September 1, 2015 and ends September 30, 2015)
About 2 Kings (Volume 13):
This work on 2 Kings by T. R. Hobbs begins with a detailed introduction discussing the structure, date, authorship and historical veracity …
WBC vol 14: 1 Chronicles by Roddy L. Braun |

$44.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 1 Chronicles (Volume 14):
Roddy Braun continues this with his excellent treatment of 1 Chronicles. Braun provides a helpful discussion of all aspects of the book. …
WBC vol 15: 2 Chronicles by Raymond B. Dillard |

$34.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About 2 Chronicles (Volume 15):
Dillard’s commentary on 2 Chronicles is a superb treatment of the book. His analysis of the theological message of the book in the …
WBC vol 16: Ezra-Nehemiah by H. G. M. Williamson |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Ezra / Nehemiah (Volume 16):
Williamson, an excellent evangelical scholar, has written a very good and comprehensive commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah. This …
WBC vol 17, 18A, 18B: Job 1-20, 21-37, 38-42 by David J. A. Clines |

$154.00    On Sale: $29.97 (Ends September 30)
About Job 1-20 (Volume 17):
Cline’s masterful exposition of Job consistently maintains an alertness to both the windings of its arguments and the theological problem it …
About Psalms 1-50 (Second Edition) (Volume 19) (With 2004 Supplement by Marvin e. Tate):
Peter Craigie demonstrates in this commentary that the biblical psalms express …
WBC vol 22: Proverbs by Roland Murphy |

$34.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Proverbs (Volume 22):
A well-respected scholar, Murphy has written extensively on wisdom literature. He brings his mature reflections to bear on these oft-quoted …
WBC vol 23a: Ecclesiastes by Roland Murphy |

$29.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Ecclesiastes (Volume 23a):
Like no other biblical book, Ecclesiastes presents a vivid depiction of earthly struggle and human experience. Renowned wisdom …
WBC vol 23b: Song of Songs/Lamentations by Duane Garrett and Paul R. House |

$49.90    On Sale: $9.99 (Ends September 30)
About Song of Songs / Lamentations (Volume 23b):
The powerful poetry of the Song of Songs and Lamentations gives voice to opposite feelings: the excitement of love and …
WBC vol 24-25: Isaiah 1-33 (Rev. Ed.) and 34-66 (Rev. Ed.) by John D. W. Watts |

$94.90    On Sale: $19.98 (Ends September 30)
About this module:
Dr. Watts has revisited this work he produced almost twenty years ago, updating it in light of current scholarship. He continues to hold to the …
Many modules are available in a discounted package. Follow the links for details.
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