New Features in 9.4

Highlighting Some New Features in Accordance 9.4

Accordance 9.4 adds some great new features, and with the upcoming release of iOS 1.3 that means Accordance users have a lot to be excited about. This is a free update if you own Accordance 9. Here are some of the primary features and enhancements added in 9.4.

Sync Highlights with Accordance for iOS 1.3 (pending release from Apple)

Your highlight files will now sync between Mac and iOS over WiFi. This applies to the standard iOS highlights in 1.3 as well as any custom highlight files saved on your Mac (such as Inductive Bible Study highlights) to your iOS devices.

Highlight Sync

User Tools prepared on the Mac can also be synced, but not edited on the mobile device.

Enhanced Library Search

Searching within the Library Window is much more flexible. You can now search across multiple fields (Module Name, Module Title, Author, Publisher), and your search results will display in real time as you type.

Library Search

Once you locate a module, you can open it or add it to a user group from the right-click menu.

Footnote Support for Instant Details

Footnotes in texts will now appear in the Instant Details window by hovering your curser over them, or over the verse reference.

Footnote Details

Click the footnote mark to open the notes file, or command-click to open both the notes and all the cross-references in the note.

Font Bar

The Text Palette has been replaced with a font bar that appears in Edit windows, Edit map layers, Diagrams, and Word Charts.

Font Bar

Add Note Buttons

"Note" and "Add" buttons now show up in the Edit User Note window. The up and down Note arrows will cycle through your current notes. The Add arrows will begin a new note on the preceding or following verse. These additions make it easier to navigate through your current notes as well as take consecutive notes verse by verse.

Note Add Buttons

Enhanced Greek and Hebrew Transliteration

Greek transliterations now include macrons over long vowels in Instant Details, Parsing, and Analysis. Aleph and Ayin are shown in Hebrew transliteration.

Enhanced Transliteration

Updated Help

Grammatical Text Support, Atlas, and Timeline information have been added to the new Accordance Help system, as well as details of all the new features.

Atlas Help

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