New Features in 9.5

Accordance 9.5 is here, and it is packed full of powerful and innovative new features! This incredibly robust upgrade is free to all Accordance 9 users, so be sure to download your update today. Here are some of the main highlights:

Dynamic Interlinear

Far from your typical interlinear, our new Dynamic Interlinear is unique in three core ways: flexibility, power, and availability.

  • Flexibility: The Dynamic Interlinear is fully customizable, letting you choose what information is displayed or hidden based on your current study needs. Not only can you view English words stacked in parallel with their Greek or Hebrew counterparts, but you can also display morphological tagging, parts of speech, syntax, and much more.

Interlinear Flexibility

  • Power: The Dynamic Interlinear goes beyond what most interlinears are capable of by allowing you to stack multiple tagged translations for an at-a-glance view of the similarities and differences between them. In the example below, by stacking several tagged English Bibles, we can easily see the variety of words translators have used in Genesis 1:6.

Interlinear English

    This type of comparison is especially helpful when working with Greek or Hebrew manuscripts. In the next example, we can quickly identify that Luke 22:43 is missing from three of our manuscripts.

Interlinear Greek

Now that's a powerful tool for textual criticism!

  • Availability: Perhaps the best news is that the Dynamic Interlinear is available to every Accordance 9 user at no additional cost. You do not need to purchase separate interlinear Bibles because the Dynamic Interlinear works with all of the tagged texts that you already own! Even those using our free demo version can take advantage of the Dynamic Interlinear with the included KJVS Bible and sample Greek and Hebrew Bibles.

Smart Amplifying from Analysis

For those who like to analyze their search results, the Analysis Window now enables Smart Amplifying, which automatically includes the appropriate morphological tagging for your search selection and all parent categories above it. This is demonstrated in the following two examples:

  • You run a search in a tagged English Bible for the word "love" and run an Analysis. You notice that one of the hits is the Greek word "phileo," and now you want to run a search for all the cases where the English word "love" is translated from the Greek word "phileo."

1) Select the appropriate key number from the Analysis Window.

2) Amplify by clicking the Search icon in the Resource Palette.

3) Presto! Smart Amplifying has automatically run the search for your selection and included the appropriate tagging.

Smart Amplifying

  • You run a search in your Greek New Testament for the word αγαπαω and run an Analysis. Now you want to find all the times that this word is used in the imperative mood.

1) Right click in the Analysis Window and choose "Set Analysis Display."

Set Analysis Display

2) Click and drag the tagging information you would like to display into the appropriate columns.

Drag and Drop Tags

3) Select "Imperative" from the Analysis Window.

4) Amplify by clicking the Search icon in the Resource Palette.

5) Voilà! Smart Amplifying has automatically run the search for your selection and included the appropriate tagging.

Smart Amplify Greek

Enhanced Key Numbers

Full morphological tagging is now displayed in the Instant Details box when hovering over a word in a tagged English Bible. A small GK is displayed in Instant Details when the number is not a true Strong's number.

Enhanced Key Numbers

Enhanced Cross-Highlighting

Cross-highlighting is now visible across all tagged texts in parallel panes. This means that when you hover over a word, that word and all corresponding words in parallel panes will be highlighted.

Cross Highlighting

Accordance has also worked together with Dr. William Mounce to enable phrase tagging in the upcoming Mounce New Testament. Keep an eye out for this powerful new resource that will allow you to identify when a single Greek word is translated by a phrase of English words.

Phrase Tagging

Copy and Link from Search All Window

You can now copy text and click on images from directly within the Search All window.

Copy Search All

We are excited to release this new set of Bible study tools for all Accordance 9 users! If you would like to learn more about how to take advantage of these features, be sure to check out the Accordance Help directory. Accordance Help can be found in the Help menu of Accordance 9, and includes detailed screen shots and step-by-step examples for you to follow along with.

For a video tour of the new Dynamic Interlinear, check out Dr. J's latest podcast.

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