New Features in 9.6

Accordance 9.6 brings you major updates in specific areas!

We are moving away from the pesky installers and passwords. We've revamped the User Notes to make them more robust, and enhanced the functionality of the red dot/triangle. Unicode Bibles can be imported and searched, and the Apple Unicode keyboards now interact with Accordance. Plus, the drawing and export of diagrams is smoother and more efficient.

Installation and Updates of the App

New Install of Accordance 9.6

There are separate dmg downloads for different Mac OS X releases: OS 10.6 and above, and for 10.4.9 to 10.5.

Simply drag Accordance to your Applications folder (or the alias in the dmg). Accordance will validate your ownership online or request the version 9 upgrade password. (Please contact support if you need help with validation.)

Updates of Accordance 9.0 - 9.5.7

Users updating from 9.0 - 9.5.7 through Check for Updates will download an installer as before. It will install the correct version of 9.6 for their system, but the application will also require verification as above.App Update

In-app Updates of Accordance 9.6+

Future updates to 9.6+ will use in-app updating for more seamless notifications, downloads, and installation, without the use of installers or passwords. It will begin checking for updates on the second launch of the program.

User Notes

Large User Notes files can be synced with Accordance for iOS 1.5 (coming soon). Saving, updating, and merging of the files is more robust.

The red marks which indicate user notes in verses are more interactive:

1. Mouse over a red mark: the cursor changes to a magnifying glass and the top note appears in Instant Details
2. Click on a red dot: a single click opens the Notes (was a double-click)
3. Click on a red triangle: a single click opens all the Notes, click and hold opens a pop-up menu to select a Notes file


Chinese SearchUnicode Bible Search

All of the Unicode Bibles have been updated and allow both word searches and simple commands.

Unicode Language Input

You can now use any Unicode keyboard to enter text into Accordance, if the language is supported. Unicode Bibles support keyboards of their language. Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Coptic, and more are supported for searching and in User Notes and Tools.

Import of Unicode Bibles

UTF8 encoded Bibles can now be imported as User Bibles.

Diagram Window

Gen1.1-DiagramSignificant enhancements to the Diagram window, such as improved snapping between objects, moving and resizing, and copy/paste between Diagram tabs:

1. Dragging an object from the palette displays it at full size
2. Improved snapping even without a grid when objects are close together
3. Copy and paste of only the selected items from one Diagram tab to another (use Save as Picture to export the diagram)
4. Return character allowed inside a text object
5. Bold style and color can be applied to objects as well as text
6. Keys help to align selected text objects to the grid: return moves down, tab and shift-tab move objects right and left
7. Grow handles indicate selected object or group
8. Drag selected object by clicking anywhere inside it
9. Added handles to the text objects, and additional handles to objects below the base line
10. Cursor changes to + over grow points only after object is selected
11. Grow a group of items by dragging the corner, all stay aligned and grow proportionally
12. Where objects overlap, only the selected object is dragged

Other Features

In Preferences: Bibliography you can now override the pane display font when doing Unicode tool citations for Word, Mellel, NeoOffice etc. (word processors that support RTF footnotes, not Pages).

The Syntax tree look is updated, and many obscure syntax bugs are fixed.

Download your update to 9.6 via Check for Updates, or use this download link.

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