Version Summary

Highlights of Each Upgrade Since Version 3

Highlights of version 9:

  • Workspace zones organize the tabs
  • Search All window faster, sorts results, and displays them
  • Easy Install downloads most purchased products directly into Accordance
  • Syntax databases and searching for original texts
  • Sync with Accordance for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • New Help system
  • Dynamic Interlinear display of tagged texts and parsing information
  • Assistant window
  • Daily reading
  • Unicode Language texts and support
  • Robust searches of Library contents
  • Footnote support for texts
  • in-app updates of Accordance
  • Enhanced diagramming
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  • Click here for new features in 9.0.

Highlights of version 8:

  • Intel native app runs without Rosetta in OS X, even faster
  • Library window to organize and find modules
  • New search commands such as INFER and FUZZY
  • Key number highlighting between tagged original texts and Key number translations
  • More options for text display: background colors, leading, horizontal panes
  • Copy as Citation with bibliography of tools, and other copy options
  • Enhanced Instant Details, and popover help tags
  • Localization of the application to other languages
  • Diagram window improved
  • Check for Updates downloads free module upgrades
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  • Click here for new features in 8.0.

Highlights of version 7:

  • Arrange Modules (now Library)
  • Favorites
  • Slide Show mode
  • New graphs
  • Contextual (right-click) menus
  • User Bibles
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Highlights of version 6:

  • Reorganized Search window
  • Improved User Tools
  • Range and Count commands
  • Resource palette replaces New Window and Amplify palettes
  • Accordance Widget
  • Atlas Improvements
  • Startup defaults
  • Unicode export
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  • Click here for new features in 6.0.

Highlights of version 5:

  • OS X native
  • Timeline
  • User Tools
  • Reference tool and User Tool panes in the Search Window
  • User highlighting of words and verses in the Bible
  • TLG Import
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Highlights of version 4:

  • Strong's number capability
  • Enhanced amplifying