Installing new modules


How do I install new modules?


Normally you should use the installer on the disk or the downloaded installer to copy all the modules to your Accordance folder, and add it to Accordance. If the installer fails to copy over, or to add, a module, you can do so yourself.

These instructions apply only if you cannot use the installer:

Unless you are short of space, all new modules should first be copied to the Accordance folder/Modules/Texts or Tools. You must then add each NEW text and tool module to make it available to Accordance before it will appear in the pop-up menus.

To add a module yourself, click the Add button in the Library (Arrange Modules in version 7) window. The standard Macintosh dialog box appears allowing you to select a file name. If the module is "locked", you will be asked to enter a password. After adding the first new text, the same dialog box will automatically appear again to allow you to add another module, until you click Cancel. The new modules are added to the pop-up menus.

You can also add new modules by selecting the name from the dialog box when you choose Open (File menu or command-O).