Dec 31, 2008 David Lang

Time Flies

Today, my thirteen-year-old son remarked that he couldn't believe how quickly 2008 had flown by. I thought to myself, "Think how I feel, kid!" For me, 2008 has been something of a blur—partly because time flies faster for a man pushing forty than it does for a boy of thirteen, and partly because this year has brought so many changes at such a breakneck pace. This is especially true where Accordance is concerned. Here are a few of the changes we've experienced this past year:

Version 8 in '08: By far the biggest change has been the release of a new version of Accordance. Accordance 8 was released in May of this year, with a host of new features, including the groundbreaking INFER command, the FUZZY command, Key Number Highlighting, Favorite Workspaces, Color backgrounds and custom leading, horizontal panes, Unicode import, and much more. As if that weren't enough, we released a free update to 8.1 in November, with an updated user interface, improved editing of user notes, new links in user tools, enhanced diagramming, and (need I say it again?) much more. Obviously, our programmers have been very hard at work, and could certainly use a break in 2009. Don't worry, though, we're not planning on giving them one! ;-)

New look for web-site and packages: To coincide with the release of version 8, we developed a new look for our packages and redesigned the web-site, making it easier to navigate, find information, and complete your orders online. This has not been without its hiccups, but considering the extent of the changes made, it was actually a very successful transition. As for the new look, I think it's the best one Accordance has ever had, and from what we've heard, most of you agree.

Lots of new faces: The response to Accordance 8 far exceeded our expectations, and I'm afraid, gave our sales staff all they could handle. At the same time, we have so many book publishers wanting to make their materials available in Accordance that our module development staff has been putting in long hours trying to get all these new products out the door. Consequently, we've added new personnel to handle sales, tech support, module development, and application development. Each of these folks came in, rolled up their sleeves, and made an immediate impact.

New Accordance Trainers: In 2007, we began training regional Accordance trainers to conduct Accordance training seminars across the United States. In 2008, they began conducting their first training seminars, and we're very proud of the way they represented us. Thanks to them, we were able to offer more Accordance training seminars than ever before.

New Packages and Modules: 2008 saw the first release of Accordance packages on DVD rather than CD-ROM. This enabled us to simplify the delivery of Accordance content and to offer new bundles. Both the Library and Scholar's packages were revamped to include new modules and offer greater value, and we also released a wide array of new Accordance add-ons.

As you can see, I've got good reason for wondering where 2008 went. We've seen so many changes and worked so hard that we can't believe 2009 is just a few short hours away. How time flies!

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Thomas Lane

January 03, 2009 6:08 PM
It's great that so many book publishers are wanting to make their materials available in Accordance.