Oct 27, 2011 David Lang

A Good Sign: Dimmed Video Icons

DimmedVideoIcon In yesterday's post, Darin gave us a glimpse of his cool international wall clocks that help him know when—and more importantly when not—to videoconference with other members of the Accordance team. A week or so ago, I had just finished a video chat with a member of the team in Jerusalem when I glanced at my "buddy list" in iChat. Beside each buddy's name, a video icon appears to show you that a video conference with that person is possible, and you can click that icon to start a video chat. If that person is already engaged in a video conference, the icon appears dimmed. Since the vast majority of the folks in my buddy list are other members of the Accordance team, I can sometimes deduce that one person is video chatting with another by seeing that the video icons beside both their names are dimmed.

When I finished my own video chat and glanced at my buddy list, I was amused to see that the video icons beside all the Accordance employees were dimmed. In other words, they were all talking with each other at that moment. It prompted me to tweet:

On iChat, the video chat icons for the Accordance staff are all dimmed, which means they're all talking to each other. Big doings afoot!

There really are big doings afoot, and the number of video conferences has increased in accordance (pun intended). New updates to the Mac and iOS applications are nearing release, as are a host of new modules. We're getting ready for the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature in November. We're planning our second Users Conference for February of next year. And that's just the stuff I can mention right now! There are lots of other things in the works which we're playing close to the vest for the time being.

So if you read yesterday's post and wondered if Darin really has enough cross-time-zone-discussions to justify all those wall clocks, rest assured that he truly does!

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